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“If u ever feel like giving up, always remember why you keep holding on” Around 32 years ago, on the 1 lath of August, was born in the lovely city of Christopher, New Zealand to Leonie and Craig Wentworth. My mother worked as an English teacher while my dad worked as a social services counselor. I was also blessed with two brothers, my elder brother Luke Wentworth, and my younger brother Lima Wentworth.

My life in New Zealand was relatively short as my family and migrated to Australia to continue our lives. We lived in both Melbourne and the Australia Outback inPullman, The northern territory. My earliest memories were on the cattle stations chasing the cows around back in the outback.

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Boy that was fun, how I’d wish that I was still an innocent kid chasing around cows in the farm. Besides the castles, I still remember the crocodiles and buffalos that reside near the farm. After a couple of years residing in the northern territory, we moved to the city of Melbourne. I attended high school at Heathendom college before my family and I moved to the Phillip islands. When I was a little boy, I’d always watch TV and envision myself as one of harassers on TV.Since then, it had became my ambition to be an actor and I’d try to strive towards my goal, my ambition.

When I was in high school, I would join drama clubs to improve my acting skills and work towards my ambition. Back then, would get laughed and jeered at due to my interest in joining drama clubs instead of playing sports. Did not fit in the general male stereotype. Was the outcast of the school.

I only had a couple of good, loyal and trustworthy friends. Well, there is a saying “friends: Have less, But the best! I was never denominated by the insults and jeers as had strong support from my friends.With my strong determination, I had worked hard and had gotten a couple of major roles in my school play. After graduating from high school, I auditioned for a couple of roles that I saw on the newspaper. I’d always pray and show my best during my auditions hoping that I could land myself a role in acting and kickstand my career. After a couple of months not receiving any news for any of the roles that I applied, I was quite denominated and contemplated on continuing my studies and give p my dream to become an actor.I decided to wait for another month before making my decision of going back to college.

That wait was very worth it as a miracle happened. I landed myself a role in King Arthur a television series. Even if it was just for two episodes, it was a start. After my short appearance on the TV series, King Arthur, my acting career was booming. Shortly after my appearance on King Arthur, I auditioned again for an Australian soap opera called Home and Away for the cast of Robbie Hunter but unfortunately, I didn’t get selected to play the role of Robbie enter.But miraculously got called back a couple offsets later for a different role in the movie called Kim Hyde.

Acted for quite some time as Kim Hyde in the show. It secured my career as a full time actor. But after 1 70 episodes, I left the cast of Home and Away in order to further pursue my acting career. Over the years, I managed to pick up a few roles here and there, earning myself a respectable amount of fame.

But my biggest breakthrough is when got offered to star as the main character of the movie Thro. For the movie was forced to put on 20 pounds of muscle.I was ecstatic as I finally made my dreams come true. I was one of the very well known actors in Holly. Need.

After starring as Thro in the movie Thro, I was again offered to continue playing as Thro in the movie: The Avengers. In the making of the movie The Avengers, I was lucky enough to work with other very experienced and famous actors as well. Actors such as Robert Downey Jar. Chris Evans, Characterizations etc. I got nominated by the People’s Choice Awards as the favorite action movie star in the movie The Avengers.I was rule touched as I was at the peak of my career, I cried tears of joy and thanked my parents, and all my true friends who supported me since high school for wanting to pursue a career as an actor.

So far, my life has been very interesting. Throughout my struggles and challenges, I have learnt many valuable life lessons that has made me the man am today. I always live by the quote: “If u ever feel like giving up, always remember why you keep holding on”.

I hope that my life stories are able to inspire people who want to pursue in something. Just remember, Never give up!

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