England Irish Sea, North Sea, and Atlantic

England is a small country to the west of Europe. Ireland and Europe are pretty close to it but it is surrounded by ocean water. The Irish Sea, North Sea, and Atlantic Ocean border England. There are two zones that England is characterized by, which is the Highland zone and the Lowland zone.

The Highland zone has rough terrain and eroded mountains. There are lots of valleys and long plains throughout the Highland zone. This place doesn’t get as much sunlight as the Lowland zone and it gets a lot more rain. Generally these zones aren’t farmed on and are a lot colder. Some of the mountains are 3000 feet above sea level.

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The Lowland zone has less steep hills and more sunshine. This is generally where people live and farm. Soil is more fertile here, therefore giving better or more crops when the harvesting season comes. The Thames river, Mersey river and Tyne river have ports used in Liverpool and Newcastle.

England uses its waterways a lot. The Tyne river is the longest river in the country. England gets a lot of rain due to how close it is to the Atlantic Ocean. A lot of lush greenery has been grown due to this. Winters never plummet below 0 degrees celsius and summers can range as high as 30 degrees celsius.

England’s government has changed over the years. It used to be the king or queen ruling over everything, but now they have a seperate seat of government other than the king or queen. The head of the government is called the prime minister. The prime minister is elected by who gets the most seats in general election and appointed the title by the queen. The prime minister in England is like the president in the United States. The prime minister can be male or female, although there have only been two female prime ministers. The current prime minister is actually a female by the name of Theresa May.

Previously she had been appointed as the first female chairman of the conservative party and served in a lot of shadow cabinets before becoming the longest-serving home secretary in six decades. Currently she helps govern around 60 million people in England. I’m sure you must’ve heard of people talking about “the pub” before, whether it be in movies or conversations. “The pub” is actually short for “public house”.

Pubs are what people in England call a bar. Just like in America, it’s a place where people gather to eat and drink. Most pubs do not offer table service, so they order everything up at the bar. The most popular sport in England is football. In America though, we call it soccer. In Great Britain they have teams for every part of the country, England, Scotland, and Wales. Competitions are held each year with different types of sports that they play.

Some other sports they like to play include rugby, rowing, horse racing, cricket, tennis and golf. All of these sports originated in England. There are a few different types of homes in England.

I usually think of terraced homes. The different types of homes are flats, detached houses, semi-detached houses, terraced, end of terrace, cottages, and bungalows. Flats are like apartments, although they kind of look like modernized hotels with a bunch of windows. Detached houses are houses without neighbors. They are more expensive because of its privacy. Semi-detached houses are probably the closest to what we have in America.

They are common houses due to how they save a lot of space. They are detached at the sides and provide some privacy, but are also connected by a back wall. Terraced houses became popular to provide housing for the working class in the 19th century. They are like semi-detached houses except each side is connected to each other. The end of a terrace house is just what it says in the name. One wall is attached to another terraced house and the other wall is left to the open air. Cottages are in the rural regions of the UK more often than not.

They were built with thick walls to withstand cold weather, small windows, low ceilings, structural pillars and a thatched roof. Bungalows are a lot cheaper to buy and built to deal with the tropical climates. The interior has one level with wide, open hallways and windows. Many modern bungalows were converted to make room for a smaller second floor.


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