Energy not run out the market or

Energy is essential in all aspects of human life, this is the main reason why scientific inventions on energy are more recognized that inventions in other spheres.

Upon discovery, there must be regular innovations to spice up the invention so that it does not run out the market or become inefficient. This is what has led to major improvements in the development of wind energy all over the world. This has been catalyzed by global efforts to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases; a vision 2030 project that is to be implemented throughout the world. Wind energy has come into the limelight after researchers noted that it is the most underutilized type of energy (Henderson-2003). This is because the developers have been focusing on the wrong directives; their focus was mainly on the demand and not the supply side. Even with innovations, investors have been reluctant to in funding of wind energy researchers as there are many laws and policies around this sphere that can turn the venture unproductive economically.

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Wind energy is one of the renewable sources of energy that is currently in practical use in the developed countries; developing countries are also picking up the momentum. Just like the hydroelectric generation of power, where enormous water currents are used to rotate the large turbines that convert potential energy to kinetic energy, strong wind currents mostly found in the deserts, along coastlines and open plain areas are used to rotate the turbines suspended in open areas. This generates electricity by converting potential energy into kinetic energy.

I decided to carry out a research on wind type of energy; this was in a bid to learn the steps that have been made so far, the loopholes in the steps and factors that are impeding the implementation of the wind energy across the world. The resources I used were mainly academic journals that talk about the whole process of setting up wind energy plants, the policies around the activity and also the steps most of the developing counties are taking towards the achievement of their wind energy plans. The journals and articles I used were ones written from 1988 during a United Nations Environmental meeting; Paris COP21 to the ones written in 2018 when President Donald Trump reduced the chains on Environmental Policy Act in 2017.

By learning these policies and logistics around them I was able to draw my own map to the road of reliance on wind energy to help ease the stress on the hydro-electric grids we have in the country. The policies that will help in the implementation of my plans were also found in the journals, the appropriate modes of transmission and the stakeholders that play a critical role in the sector. The problems I faced when finding inference to the research is that most of them either lacked proper guidelines or lacked good recommendations hence could not be so useful. The reasons behind the researchers and geographical areas they were taken in rendered some of the researchers impractical. The questions that guided me through that whole process are; who are the stakeholders to team up? What are the policies for the transmission? When will the implementation begin? What is the timeline for setting up and maintaining of the whole transmission process?Goals and objectivesGoalsReduce greenhouse emission from manufacturing companies by 16%Lower the cost of the power supply Make wind energy a common preferenceRemedy power interruptions in manufacturing industriesThe vision 2030 states that all countries should cut their carbon emissions by 30%. In my research, I realized that it’s the manufacturing companies that produce a large amount of this gas. Most of these companies are directed by the federal environmental protection agency to fit sieves that will filter carbon from their chimneys; lack of proper follow up by the agency has made them relax and I discovered that most of them have diesel-powered generators to supplement the power interruptions they face.

My wind energy is mainly customized to target manufacturing companies as primary consumers thus hasten the achievement of vision 2030.There has an overreliance on the hydroelectric plants because there is a high demand for the end product in homes. This has led to public outcry due to regular interruptions and inconsistent supply. This project aims to fit customized turbines for specific regions and hence give them a reliable option.ObjectivesImprove the current design of wind turbinesCarry out campaigns to sensitize the public on the use of wind energyDevelop an overlapping cycle of turbines that will maximize wind farms across the countryInduce the federal government to reduce the laws on the implementation of wind projectsThe major improvement I want to put on the current turbines is to reduce their mass and size but affect their performance. The reason behind this is so that they can be able to fit on rooftops or even suspended at different heights on skyscrapers. The campaigns are aimed at sensitizing the masses about the benefits of the project and educating them on the importance of it. Through that, we will be lowering risks that come about when the turbines fall or even vandalism.

The current turbine sizes are large hence occupy lot space during installation. I have developed turbine stand that can 3 turbines of different sizes to be fitted at different heights of the towers. This state of the art of art innovation will help reduce overlapping that leads underperformance and underutilization of wind farms. There so many regulations and policies for stakeholders to pass through before initiating wind projects. The many agencies that overlook all the regulations require fees; this is one issue that has scared investors away. We plan to involve the government and make it reduce the regulations, the bodies that oversee it or the fees charged for turbine set up and maintenance.Policies and Problems in the wind energy sectorMotor noise; there has been an environmental concern that the turbines produce a lot of noise thus leading to severe headaches and sometimes depression in the residents around the farm. We plan to curb this by using the latest turbine models that are noise free.

Destruction of the ecology system; this is attributed to the number of birds that are chopped by the blades. Most affected birds are bats, owls, and eagles. This will be combated by making the edges of the blades blunt.Congestion on wind line; this is a problem I had touched on earlier and stated that our state of equipment will be used to counter it.Policies around this project are; state permitting, this is the first step that has to be met before setting of the offshore and inland turbines. This is one of the policies we plan to counter after starting as the permitting discrepancies between organizations leads to delay of the projects.

Federal permitting; this will oversee the setting up and maintenance of inland turbines to make sure they are in line with the environmental laws.We see a positive impact in the society despite the inevitable changes. There will be satisfied as the customers will be able to get electricity when they need it most. If the implementation takes place as planned then there will be lesser electricity interruptions as time goes by. There will be lesser diseases in the community; waterborne and airborne diseases caused by harmful industry emissions and disposal.Strategies and resourcesAnalytical researchers have claimed that installation and maintenance of wind energy power plants are expensive than all other types of energy.

This claim forgot to mention that the benefits are perpetual as the wind never expires. The high cost is not only attributed to set up capital but also the high fees charged by federal agencies if the turbines underperform. The design of our turbines is expected to be so efficient that our transmission company won’t have to be subjected to the underperformance fees. Only the human and financial resources are fundamental in the setup stage of the project. Due to its huge implementation budget; I plan to call on board different stakeholders after proposing a comprehensive compensation plan for the funds they are going to pour on the project. Manufacturing companies are my main investor target as the plan will mainly benefit them, reaching out will be an easy task as I will use emails as my main communication mode. Having different stakeholders with a different set of contacts will help us get federal environmental permits faster than if we were to do it alone.

Collective bargaining of our force will make the state see the urgency and importance of the project. This whole project will be initiated by getting the state permits and environmental agency permits before reaching out to the investors. This is a plan to keep everything in check and reduce delay once the permitting process is done.

We plan to carry out a site study to know the precise location of our times and the accurate number of turbines needed per site; this will reduce excess set up costs. Offshore and onshore sites will be studied concurrently. The original plan is that we set up a collection plant for our electricity before adding it to the national grid.

This will help us in the maintenance and billing process, we hope to achieve more profits from this. Buying of all the essential equipment will follow the turbines, electricity transmission cables and storage devices. My team plans to use two manufacturers for the whole process, they will partly invest in us using seed money (man well-2010). This is a good investment plan as it has reliable end users; we hope to bring the desired people on board.

Benefits of this step are stretched towards fostering partnerships towards the attainment of sustainable development goals that are envisioned in the vision 2030 blueprint.Every business has a number of risks attached to it; the risks on our court are, theft of equipment at the installation site, pulling out of partners due to uncertainty and getting under qualified stuff to install the equipment. The plans we have to counter these are; hiring of professional security services to safeguard our equipment until the installation process is done. We plan to acquire a loan to supplement the money lost if an investor pulls out in the initial stages, this plan will help motivate the remaining members and thus reduce the risk of more pulling out after the project stalls abruptly. We will be deploying the services of a hiring farm to help us get professionals that will act as the human resource. We will be sure to seal and counter all seen and unseen risks to avoid disappointments and loses.Decision-making process of this whole plan factored in the time, scope and cost.

I knew that by bringing in different stakeholders to partner on it will reduce the implementation timeline and the cost that will arise from it. It would be easier convincing different stakeholders to channel in small amounts than getting to convince one investor to fund the whole project. The few limitations and lack of innovation also led me to choose now as the specific time to start. There are less wind energy transmission companies than there are hydroelectric transmission plants. I will stress on the societal management level as it is through it that we can bring on board more investors, shareholders and donors. I decided on this because our expansion plan will touch on civilian lives; we plan to convince farmers with large tracts of land to allow us to install the turbine towers on their properties at a fee. Incentives we plan to use to effect this are providing electricity for them at lower rates and equipping if not build social libraries as our cooperate social responsibility.

Environmental protection agency will oversee all our stages of the project to make sure we comply with all the regulations. We hope to not get interferences as wind energy posses’ minor and controllable risks to the environment unlike other types of energy production. Our future goal will be increasing the number of turbines across all geographical areas so as to meet the ever rising demand for electricity. I will motivate my team to come up with other innovations to boost performance and not stick our turbines along congested coastal lines and rural areas alone.

This will be in a bid to lower the greenhouse emissions from companies and later reduce the electricity cost.


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