Employments rights and responsibilities essay

There should be a meeting and any issues should be put in rating. . 4 All relevant information relevant to my job should be kept up to date, this includes telephone number, address, also any medical changes and illnesses. 3. 1 My role is to ensure that the needs and rights of each individual I care for is meet.

My duties also include ensuring all paperwork is correctly filled out, and maintaining that same level of care for each individual. 3. 2 It is my role to assist the individual to maintain/gain as much independence as possible.The effects of this are to hopefully maintain or even improve their quality Of life. 3.

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3 My role as a career means I assist in all aspects of the individuals daily life. This can sometimes mean working with other professionals that may be involved in the individuals life I. E. District nurse, G.

P. , podiatrist, social worker, paramedics and pharmacists. 3. 4 There are many different representative bodies, their main responsibilities differ. E. G.ACS and Unison work to improve employment practice, C. Q.

C. Are there to make sure the quality of care given to any individual is maintained to the highest standard. 5.

1 Occasions where public have raised concerns regarding issues with care are Avenged in Wiltshire, the family suspected neglect and subsequently fitted cameras in the individuals bedroom,

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