Emotion best role and certain responsibilities to lead

Emotion are the intense feelings that are directedat someone or something . An emotion is a mental and physiological stateassociated with a wide variety of feelings , thoughts and behaviours . Like ashappiness , surprise , fear , sadness , anger , disgust .  Emotional labor is a situation in which on employeeexpresses organizationally desired emotions during interpersonal transactionsat work . In this case , Lee’s have a plumbing business andshe also wants to find standardized hiring methods for all of herorganizational branches to help managers identify . So , here we are findingfor people who better suited for the job .

 In an organization , a manager can provide his/herbest role and certain responsibilities to lead functions and departmentsemployees. A manager is appointed to act a selective level on an organizationalfigure . People who have the job designation of manager have amazing responsibilitiesfor people and functions .

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The hiring recommendation would be like – Ø  Figurehead : Amanager like, healthy and safe at workplace required to perform a routine duties of a legal or social nature . Ø  Leader :Responsible for the motivation and direction of other employees . Ø  Liaison :Maintains a network of outside contacts who provide favors and information . Ø  Unity :Sufferingout team work and attaining the mission and the goals of the businessand the development of the department .

Personal ongoing development also .  Ø  Human Resource Management :Work with human resources staff to recruit < managing , staffing , training, interview , select , hire and employ an appropriate number of employees .  Ø  Mentor : Amanger who as a mentor , providing career development planning to otheremployees of the organization .  Ø  Disturbance handler :Who lead employees using a performance management and responsible forcorrective action , when organization faces important , unexpected disturbance.  Ø  Goal-keeper : Whocan look for product's quality , productivity and lead employees to goalachieve .  Ø  Planning ability :To procedures enhance speed , quality , efficiency and output of the efficiencybusiness process it would be planned , evaluated and improved .  Ø  Management skills :Manage the review data that includes financial , sales and activity reportsmeasure department productivity .

 Ø  Networking :Socializing , politicking and interacting with outsiders .  Afterall , Lee would hire an employee recommendateas a manger for her plumbing business who have responsible for designing anorganization’s structer . Who have the power of planning , organizing andleading the other employee of organization . Using this functional approach ,she can reach her goal at this business .  These traits do a very good job of predicting howpeople behave ina  variety of real –lifesituations . The big five personality factors are – 1.     Openness: Inthis traits , people are adventurous and creative  , also traditional and struggle with thinking ,this people’s inventive , they try new things , focused on new challenges ,dislike changes .2.

     Conscientiousness : Those who are high on the conscientiousnesscontinuum also tend to time preparing , finish important task , pay attentionto details , dislike structure and schedule . 3.     Extraversion: Inthis trait , people enjoy being the centre of attention , like to start newconversation ,enjoy  meet with new people, find it easy to enjoy make new friends .

Say things before they think aboutthem .4.     Agreeableness: Inthis trait , people care about others , feel empathy and concern about otherpeople , take little interest in others , insult others . 5.

     Emotionalstability : Here , people are emitonally stable ,experience a lot of stress , get upset easily , deal with stressed and by timesget very relaxed .  These are the five traits that are useful for thecustomer service responsibilities and emotional labor . Cause , for the customerservice responsibilities these traits influences customer service , whichinfluences levels of repeat business and of customer satisfaction . Providinghigh quality customer service makes demands on employees and employees’emotions can transfer to the customer .

By following these big five traitscustomers who catch the positive moods or emotions of employees shop longer . Andfor emotional labor , this big five traits are must useful , cause by thesefactors we know about a performer quality and mentality . That would helphim/her at the strength workplace . And because of emotional labor an employeemanage his/her organization well .

These five traits thing are useful duringinterpersonal transactions at work when an employee expresses a situationorganizationally .      


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