Emily Bronte’s protagonist , Heath cliff has been

Emily Bronte’s protagonist , Heath cliff has been wrongfully accused of being a mere monster without taking into consideration how he became one . Although Heath cliff wasn’t born evil , since no one is born evil and it is in the human innate to be pure ,innocent and good however, the life events of this so called devil has the power to change a angel to a devil. The first scene when we are introduced to heath cliff he is emerging from Mr Earnshaw’s coat ,his parentage is unknown no identity no family no parents he is simply a boy found on the streets of London, thus his unknown mysterious background should be taken into consideration while dealing with this complex character on the psychological level . As it is widely known that the result of lost identity and lost ancestry is a devastated human being .As David Abrebach explained in his book ,Surviving trauma :Loss, Literature and Psychoanalysis, ” how some aspects of mystical experience might be displacement of the wish for union with the lost person some people like Hitler Churchill and Marilyn Monroe and john Lennon owned their charisma in part to the fact that they were maternally deprived”.


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