Elizabeth appeared in many magazines since she

Elizabeth Silance Ballard’s short stories and articles have appeared in many magazines since she wrote this story in 1974 including Our State, The Australian Women’s Weekly, Home Life, Mature Living, Mature Years, The Organist, The Church Musician, The Organ Portfolio, The Music Leader, The Gospel Choir, The Lutheran Woman, The Lutheran Scope, The Mennonite, Quaker Life and many others.

Her articles have also appeared in The News and Observer Raleigh, NC and the Jacksonville Daily News (NC) and her devotionals have appeared on Open Windows and The Church Musician.Several anthologies have included her work including A Second Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul (credit was omitted in the 1st printing but corrected in the 2nd printing), Stories for a Woman’s Heart, More Stories for a Woman’s Heart, Stories for a Teacher’s Heart, Stories for a Teen’s Heart, School Bells and Ink Wells, Kisses of Sunshine, and others. Her work has also been included in other works such as Divergent Views on the Control of Schools: An Iowa Dialogue, Discipline for Life and others.

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Her short story, “Three Letters from Teddy,” first appeared in 1974 and has been almost continuously in print every year since that time in various publications. Marian Wright Edelman selected it to appear in her 1994 Annual Report of the National Children’s Defense Fund. Congressman Dan Burton, Indiana, requested permission to have the story reprinted and distributed to every educator in his district. It has also been selected for the course packs of the schools of education in several universities including the University of South Florida, UNC-Greensboro, University of Northern Iowa and others.She has also co-authored a book, Whoopin’ and Hollerin,’ a collection of humorous, nostalgic pieces by Elizabeth and her sister, Hilda Silance Corey, and their mother, Estel Stanley Silance about growing up in the south and spans a time from the early 1900s through the Sixties.Elizabeth is a retired social worker, a church organist, a pianist, and is the mother of two and grandmother of three.

She has traveled extensively in the U.S. and abroad and enjoys reading, writing, needlework and line dancing. She is active in her church and the Order of the Eastern Star.


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