Electroparts Manufacturing Inc essay

This will lessen the possibility of abusing overtime pay. Costs from overtime payments will decrease. There is a possibility Of production lag due to less overtime. Faster production and demands will be met. More effective than humans. Creates higher quality products. Workers could focus more on tasks that require manual labor. Costly. May incur greater electricity expenses. Machines will be obsolete overtime. D. Raise the prices of the products It will increase the net income of the corporation. It will recompenses for the increase in salary expense.

The company will be able to act in accordance with the legal stipulations. Also, the company will be able to give its employees an increase in salary. There is a slight chance that the price hike will dissatisfy the customers. Finding the right price point increase while keeping sales volume high may require trial and error, and using trial and error is time-consuming. E. Acquire new equipment AND raise the prices of the products Advantages: upgrading the equipment results to products with higher and better quality, hush serving as a plausible justification for the price hike.

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The increase in the prices could compensate for the increase in wages. The company could focus more on manual labor tasks. Acquisition of new equipment is costly. There will be a need for maintenance and other expenses related the operation of the equipment. V. Recommendation (Comparison Method) The first alternative course of action, which is to train the employees and improve performance, may improve productivity but it does not contribute to the maintenance of the profitability of the company due to the additional raining expenses that will be incurred.

The second one, to place a quota for overtime per employee only gives a minimal decrease on the expenses to be sustained. It would be good to choose to acquire new equipment to aid in productivity because this third choice would solve the problem on productivity yet would cause the company to obtain greater expenses. The fourth alternative course of action, which is to raise the prices of products, would resolve the problem on profitability yet would not help in increasing productivity to meet with the customers’ demands.

A combination of the third and fourth choices, which is the fifth CA, conforms to the necessity for a boost In productivity and profitability. VI. Conclusion The fifth alternative course Of action, which is to raise the prices Of products and acquire new equipment to aid in productivity, is the best CA since it satisfies the company’s need to boost productivity and profitability. With this, MME would be able to increase their productivity while coping with the increasing demands and would also be able to successfully take the new law into account in their waging and pricing system.

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