Electrical came along and made electrical engineering jobs

Electrical  EngineeringKason HerbelinPre Apld engineeringMr.LovejoyJanuary 24 2018Herbelin 1Kason s. HerbelinMr.LovejoyPrinciples of engineeringJanuary 26 2018 Electrical  Engineering I bet you take for granted your ability to easily detect the presence of electricity. But before the advent of the 17th Century, nobody had carpeting or electric dryers – so finding static electricity wasn’t as easy as scuffing your feet across the floor and touching a doorknob. Fortunately a man came along and made electrical engineering jobs was able to solve that problem.That man was William Gilbert – possibly the world’s very first electrical engineer. He invented a machine that found electric currents  – basically a metal needle mounted on a base, and able to spin freely. The machine could see between charged and uncharged objects; it would rotate toward charged objects, letting the user know that they were carrying some amount of static electricity.An electrical engineer is someone who designs and develops new electrical equipment, solves electrical problems and tests equipment. They work with all kinds of electronic devices, from the smallest devices to supercomputers. Electrical engineering deals with electricity         ,electromagnetism and electronics.Electrical engineers design, develop, test and supervise the manufacture of electrical and electronic systems such as: cell phones, iPods, digital TVs, medical imaging, smart appliances, automobiles and advanced satellite systems. Many electrical engineers also work in areas that are related to computers. Areas of specialization include: Wireless telecommunications, controls and signal processing, Electric power and power electronics, Electro-physics, optics, microwave and Biomedical imaging, According to the U.S. Salaries , the top 10% of electrical engineers earn a monthly salary of $10,972 or more ($131,660 yearly). Salaries in the range of $11,000 per month or more usually go to engineers with at least 10 years of experience. Chemical readies or preparation manufacturing was the highest-paying industry for electrical engineers in 2011, the US reported. The average electrical engineer in this industry earned approximately $11,683 per month, or $140,190 per year.A electric engineer needs a Bachelor’s degree that’s required, master’s and doctoral programs also available if you would like a higher paying job and does more “fun” work. The two best schools out of the state are Cornell University that is the best option for students considering an Electrical Engineering degree. Graduates from the electrical engineering degree program at Cornell University make 26.6% more than the average college grad in this field.Ithaca, New York is where it’s located.It cost $40,256 is get into this school yearly   And number two is University of California – Berkeley if you want to pursue Electrical Engineering as a major this is the place. In addition to its bachelor’s programs, University of California – Berkeley offers graduate degrees in Electric engineering.It’s  located in berkeley California.it cost around 26,013 to go to this school yearly.Texas atm is the best school for electrical engineering they are located in college station and it cost about 25,000 to attend their school.  They offer you a science degree which is the basics of electrical engineering they also offer other classes for electrical  The problem with our project is that we must make a circuit with one switch four lights and four batteries.it’s hard because it will have to last us until we get to mars which is over three hundred  days away.we will have to make many changes to the project because of all the things that will need to have.First it has to last in space and we don’t know if it will change the way it works.It also has to last over three hundred days which is a long time since the batteries only last about a week so will be needed to conserve energy so that bulbs don’t run out.The solution for this is to run many test so we will be able to know all of the effects of the circuit being in space as well as it having to last so long.Work citedN.P”A Brief History of Electrical Engineering”www.enerdyneengineering.com January 26 2018N.P”What does an Electrical Engineer do”www.sokanu.com January 26 2018N.P”Electrical Engineer Salary”www.sokanu.com January 30 2018N.P”Career Definition for Electrical Engineering” January 30 2018N.P”Bachelor of Science” January 30 2018


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