Electric of transportation by 2050. But EVs

Electric vehicles is not a new 21st century concept , in fact it is the very beginning of the Automobile industry.Inception of electric vehicles dates back to mid 19th century when electricity was the only power harnessing technology.Then the invention of IC engines seriously affected the market scope of EVs .This is due to cheap availability of gasoline and ICs had dominated the automobile industry for over a century.Twentieth century witnessed the greatest innovation than all other centuries combined since the inchoation of the first man.

This rapidity in innovation can be attributed to transportation facility of 20th century. In the race of innovation we forgot the most basic thing “the damage we had done to the EARTH”.It is in the beginning of the 21st century EVs had their resurgence,as the greatest challenge now is the emission control. With the introduction of EVs the effective emission from a vehicle can be reduced to zero.Power,assembly constraints,cost effectiveness,maintenance,emissions all these factors favor EVs over the ICs.The transition of automobile industry towards EVs is rapid and that is a great sign of progress.Already the automobile giant Volvo pledged to produce only EVs from 2020, the EV Tesla model S is regarded as the greatest leap in the industry since Ford T model (the first mass produced car).It is predicted that EVs would take over 90 percent of transportation by 2050.But EVs would be meaningful only when the source of electricity is also eco-friendly.It would be meaningless if the electricity used is produced from thermal power.All these constraints should be kept in mind and must be solved quickly.On our part we must prefer EVs over ICs.It’s not an option it’s our responsibility “to make the EARTH breathe again”.

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