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Since that time numerous competitors have entered the online dating field and millions Of consumers are using their services. A search good is a good or service with features and characteristics easily evaluated before purchase. Whereas, an experience good is a good or service where product characteristics are difficult to see in advance of consumption. Because of this a search good is much more subject to price competition since the information is more readily available to consumers.

From the perspective of the companies in the online dating industry, I believe that dating should be primarily an experience.In order to attract customers and allow them to see somewhat of what they are paying for the sites should allow the users a soft run through of their product. This can vary by allowing the user to create a profile and view other paying members but not being able to contact them until they have a paid membership. Also, they may not be able to use all of the more advanced features of the service with the “soft’ model. “Research findings indicate that including news about the brand in the online brand communication mix – either before or after ads – generates Geiger brand attitude scores for experience products.For search products sequence matters and brand attitudes are more positive when consumers are exposed to news articles first followed by advertisements. In addition, When promoting search goods online, brand managers should include publicity only before display advertising efforts.

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For experience goods, publicity generates higher brand attitude scores when included either before or while running display advertising. ” (Mice) This research furthers my belief that dating should primarily be an experience.It also can currently be seen with online dating site advertisements that are currently on air. The companies always include their brand either before or while running their ad in order to increase their brand awareness. With an experience good, it is essential for the company to promote their brand and get the consumer to associate their brand with their specific service. For example, Raymond is a dating site with the intention of helping people find their next husband or wife, whereas other sites are primarily for casual dating.

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