Effective Flat model-Best for small websites and

Effective Techniques for designers: Information Architecture is the scientific construction of ideas in websites, mobile applications and social media software; the main agenda is structuring content for the users of the information architecture to be productive and make their work easier.
Content Inventory – It is the first stage of building information architecture where the contents of the different designs of the projected are listed. Wire framing – It is a technique that simplifies the visual representation of the product’s layout (Rosenfeld ; Morville, 2002).
Organizational Structure and Schemes
Content structures are categorized into three:
Hierarchical- this holds ground in the Gestalt psychological theory and aims at presenting content on the carrier; hierarchical also enhances the ability of the mind to discern objects.
Sequential-It creates some kind of path for users: Matrix-Users choose way of navigation on their own hence it is a bit complex.
Content schemes
Alphabetical-Content is arranged in alphabetic manner. Users know what they are looking for. Audience-Content organization for separate group of users; chronological-Content is organized by date or time.
Topic-Content is organized according to specific subjects; there are some efficient models of content structure. Single page model-It has minimum content for a digital product. Flat model-Best for small websites and landing pages; this has its all pages similar and kept in the same navigation level; in the Index, the pages are similar to the flat model but they have a different navigation levels (Xu, 2011). Strict hierarchy model-this allows the users to only access from the main pages, sub-pages through a single one way. Co-existing hierarchy model-Combines ideas of few models: Daisy model-Requires users to complete certain tasks.
Information architecture is very essential but needs to be implemented correctly and with the right techniques constantly improved due to the changing designs in the field.

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