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Effective management and leadership plays crucial role in any organization where leadership plays role of inspiring, influencing and encouraging staff, to work with full enthusiasm towards fulfilment of objectives setup for any organization. On the other side doing management effectively creates strong connection between organization and its stakeholders. For any organization employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, society, government etc are its stakeholders.

Leadership is defined different way by different authors and researchers but it is simply process of creating healthy relations where people’s behaviour and actions are effected by single person”Leadership is the mechanism for group influencingin any particular organisation with objective to fulfil goals and aim.towards achieving an aim or goal” (Johnson, Scholes ; Whittington, 2011).As per Yukl leadership is:-”It is process of inspiring others to understand what is to be done and how it can be done and the process of facilitating individual and collective efforts to accomplish shared objectives.” (Yukl,2010).

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The organizational and individuals output is heavily dependent on the leadership qualities as it is a bidirectional process. In order to help their followers performing work efficiently the leaders motivate them .Any group of persons motivated by their leader properly can result in full on efforts to achieve set goals and hence the organization output will automatically be enhanced. According to Mullins Management is ”Getting work done through the efforts of other people”(Mullins, 2010).The manager is a person performing all the management functions for accomplishment of company’s set goal and objectives which can be achieved by making use of resources effectively.In 1990 ,John kotter famous author had developed a model where he differentiated leadership and management on basis of task and behaviour .He made emphasizes on that task performed by leaders and managers are extremely opposite.

Kotter gave views that management main attention is towards maintaining order and stability in the organization doing all this helps in systematic working of operations inside organization. Contrarily, on leadership he mentioned that a leader strives for implementing constructive change in organization with objective to achieve continuous growth of organization (Kotter,1990).According author srtated that the two terms Leadership and Management work differently based on the functioning, philosophy and outcomes.

Moreover the leaders and managers are different people and both apply different approach for fulfilment of task or exercise in the work and also both may react differently according to situation. Various factors of difference are there in any organization that needs to be address to excel in future and be competitive for which they must develop more and more leaders who must pose management qualities and work capability. The organization must also have efficient managerial persons who should pose leadership quality for solving various problems and other functions of the team (Toor,2008). For any of the organization effective Leadership and Management together are necessary for any organization for getting things done efficiently in order to achieve goals and objectives. The leadership and management both the things complement each other with respect to explaining effectiveness of performance in any organization as shown in table 1 belowLEADERSHIP MANAGEMENTConcentrates On People Concentrates On ThingsEstablishes A Vision Implements PlansBelieves & Develops Instruction & Supervisory RoleBrings About Change Manages ChangeUses Influence Uses Power/Designation Table 1 : Leadership and ManagementSo we can notice from the table both of things are not separable and work parallel in quantum Together, the two terms “leading” and “managing” form the framework for skills and abilities that are necessary for an individual to drive team success.

Rather the concept of management and leadership is interchangeable as mentioned in the table. The operations performed by leaders and manager are not separable but are perpetual in nature.So may be the Leadership and Management are two different things where the management goals arise from necessity other than comes desired which excels in accomplishment of organizations day to day business whereas leadership adopts a personal attribute towards goal achievement by inspiring team and bringing creativity in achievement of goals .

So a business having strong leadership and management are the key ingredients for making their team of people to following for success and growth of the firm. The concept behind the word leadership is to make people follow and understand your vision for achieving goals whereas management is more directed towards administration making all things to be done in tandem. A successful business needs to have both, a strong leader and manager to get their team to follow them for the achievement of their mission of success. Leadership is about getting people to understand and believe in your vision and to work with you to achieve your goals while managing is more about administering and making sure the day-to-day things are happening as they should.


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