Effective Verbal communication is a language is most

Effective communication takes place between a healthcare personal and a patient, with the purpose of modifying the patient behavior including trust, empathy, tenderness, concern and non judgemental attitude can use for the present effective communication skills.

In healthcare settings, the effective communication can be directly applied to professional client communication. When health professionals communicate empathy, positive regard and congruence, client feel understood and better able to cope with their illness. Face to face conversations between two people is the most frequent form of interpersonal communication.

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Nurses use effective communication to gather information during assessment to teach about health issues to explain care and to provide comfort and support. During gathering information verbally communication is most important technique for the nurses. Verbal communication is a language is most important tool of communication as it can convey idea and message easily if the parties to the communication understand the language used. Firstly, measures should be taken to alleviate any environmental problems that may hinder the transfer of messages by introducing noise (Pullen, 2007). Loud noise, poor lightning, noxious odors, uncomfortable temperature can interfere with the effective communication.

Nurses can ensure that messages have been received as correctly by analyse the patients knowledge, perception checking, reflecting and summarising.


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