Education: The Key Contributor to a Country’s Development essay

And undoubtedly the contribution of education towards development is primary and most significant. It is the education which not only paves our Ways towards the economic but also towards moral, social, political and intellectual development. And here again education is a broader concept which contains both formal and informal. Therefore, one can say that education is the single most important factor in the development of a country. Economic development is the process whereby simple, low-income national economies are transformed into modern industrial economies. Now days the nations are growing fast and economies are globally integrated.

The impact of boosting economies is greater on the developing economies. The result is the decrease in value of money of developing economies and other consequences are devastating in the shapes of inflation and poverty. Therefore it is vital for emerging nation that they should invest more in the human resource by providing better education and training. The productivity is directly linked with education because if workers are well educated then they are better at understanding the aims and objectives of an organization.As education enhances the technical know, communication and interaction skills so it is more likely that they are offered high wages. These high wages induce a level of dedication and sincerity to their work. They are not only willing to do more work but also in an efficient and effective manner. Though some critics are of the opinion that low level management or the operational management do not require any necessary education to perform their tasks.

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They say that workers should be good enough to run the machines and do their assigned tasks in a manner in which they are trained.But they are neglecting the most vital thing i. E. Creativity. Fifth worker are allowed to think and create new ideas besides performing their duties, this is in the best interest of relevant organization and country. First, because every organization wants to maximize its profit. As profit is directly linked with efficient and just-in-time inventory production which is the responsibility of main stream of workers, so the idea of not giving education to lower level of management loses its reliability.Second, higher profits would yield more tax venue which in return would be available with the government to spend on the infrastructure of country to increase of standards of living of its inhabitants.

Here, one thing is worth mentioning that education does not means technical know-how but also guiding and equipping employees with high moral standards also lies in the domain of education. The interaction of staffs with customers is the index of an organizational moral enrichment and it is one of the best things to attract the people by remaining in touch with an excellent value system and code of conduct.Another dimension is that education broadens the horizon of your conceptual understandings and knowledge and certainly creation of new technology is the outcome of it. New technology will bring a shift in the labors’ intensive to capital intensive work.

Economic growth will also be one of the good results of new technology. As a whole economic growth will result in the advanced and well-off society. It is the greatest dilemma and a worldwide issue that many people are morally corrupt. They benefit at the expense of other to forage their own desires and unfortunately educated class is notorious for it.It is also an argument of criticizes that if education leads to moral development of a country then why corruption is usual? Of-course it is a perplexing question that why so called educated people are morally Corrupt. But if We look through the critical lens the answer is quiet simple. It is so because their education system is void of higher standards of morality in part or provides a very little room for it. It is the fault of wrong application of corrupt education system not because of education itself.

Because true education system enlightens the souls, creates linings to understand the problems of others besides other things. Honesty, integrity, loyalty, steadfastness and contentment are the bright stars of morality. All religions of the world are found with an agreement to only one thing i. E.

Morality and ethical development and it is only possible through education no matter it is formal, informal or religious. If a society or country is unmindful of moral development then crimes stretching from minor to major such as cheating, adulteration, bribery, usury and corruption and assassination become fate of it.All these factors can play detrimental role in segmentation and demolition to socio-cultural norms of any society and civilization on micro and macro level respectively. Education strengthens the sound social structure which as an outcomes provide excellent leaders of future for a country. Thus it is an education and only education which creates love, peace, harmony among humans’ words and relationships. It is an irrefutable fact that political leaders of a country’ are responsible for the fate of their country-men.The direction in which they motivate and persuade their people truly reflects in the destiny of a nation.

Political leaders are also very imperative because they symbolize a whole nation on their own behalf. Furthermore, the foreign policies have a paramount prominence in such a globalizes world because the idea of inward-oriented policies is no more valid, at least after industrial revolution. And also foreign relationships are very significant to safeguard national solidarity and to show harmony with other nations.Thus it more vital that the leaders of a state must be well educated and morally upright. Because the consequences of their actions are not limited to themselves but cover the wellbeing of millions of people.

If political leaders are the admirer of education and educated people then hopefully they will provide best opportunities of personality development by building educational institutes, reduce unemployment by creating job opportunities and make prosperous society providing justice and equally distributing wealth without any discrimination.Political leaders will frame their internal and external policies in such a manner that peaceful coexistence will be among their primary objectives. In a nut shell, well educated, well groomed and honest political leaders assure the right direction ND successful destination off country. Surely, it is education which has produced greatest intellectuals of centuries in every field of knowledge; medicine, physics, chemistry, astronomy, arts, poetry and philosophy etc.It is education which stimulated the mental power of renowned men of history such as Bin e Napes, AY-Bruin, Jabber bin Hein, Ptolemy, Leonardo divan chi, Jackal Duding Rum and Socrates. The poet of the east says; Nations are born in the hearts Of poets, they prosper and die in the hands Of politicians. Ii Muhammad Cabal It is worth revealing here that the idea of separate homeland (Pakistan) for Muslims in 20th century was brought forward by Llama Muhammad Cabal.

Shakespeare has played an incredible role of enriching literature basically aimed at socio-cultural and moral development of the West.Today think- tanks of ones country owe much importance than ever before, not only in military but also in strategic relationships with other countries. They are always furnished with multiple solutions to a problem being faced by their governments. Intellectuals play a massive role in policy making of a country. For instance Pentagon is the famous place where many mathematicians, artists, scientists, analysts, economists and policy makers are readily available to U. S government to resolve any economic, social, legal and political issue.Every matter regarding fiscal, monetary and foreign policy is debated and an optimal solution is brought forward to meet its goals with minimal wastage of national resources.

It is possible just because of education that we achieve our objectives in the most well-organized and effective manner. Few people say that education can never bring affluence in a country but an effective judicial and legal system. Though they are right from their viewpoint but here s other dimension too. Suppose if one person is even not aware of constitutional, civil and basic human rights guaranteed by his government than how can he demand justice?He will accept everything right and decreed although it might be illegal and violation of basic rights. For example, in Pakistan grave problems like nepotism, bribery and corruption are prevailing just because of unawareness Of citizens from their own rights. Now here it is not a problem with judicial and legal system but with the mentality of inhabitants. They are forced to bribe even for the execution of their legitimate rights.

If they were having a keen sense of their rights then they would never be ready to opt for that way.Even an excellent judicial and accountability system is of no more use if the general public is ignorant. So, it is decisive for everyone to get a familiarity of his duties and rights and it is impossible without education. For that reasons, the contribution of education to economic development in regards to technology and human resource enrichment is vital. Social development is yielded when economic development is thus achieved. Such social development may take the form in terms of improved living standards ND increased time for leisure.

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