Education are a handful of students who graduated

Education should be free for everyone in the U.S because it’s the key to success and prepare us for a brighter future.

What is education? The “business dictionary” defines education as wealth of knowledge acquired by an individual after studying subject matters or experiencing life lessons that provide an understanding of something. Education should be free for everyone, but the states don’t provide free education especially for low income family who can’t afford it. Some people believe that college education should be free, other disagree. College education should be free and supported by governments for many reasons.

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Three main points why College Education should be free is that (1.) Students raised in underprivileged families never have a chance, (2). Free tuition will allow students to concentrate on their studies, instead of their jobs and (3). people who couldn’t afford to go to college would be able to go.

To get a good job, you need to have a good education and qualifications, but it comes at a price. First to start with, why education should be free is because Students raised in underprivileged families never have a chance. There are a handful of students who graduated high school, but never have the chance to go for a degree. By students not going to school, they are having their dreams shattered at a very young age.

Finishing school and pursuing a career will allow you to get a higher standard of living. Free tuition will allow underprivileged students to work hard in community college for the possibility of scholarships when they move onto a four-year college. The only way they can prove themselves is getting a chance to go to college.

Second Free tuition will allow students to concentrate on their studies, instead of their jobs. While going to school, most students have part-time jobs. These jobs help pay for many things such as car payments, phone payments, and even school.

Many students face a daily struggle of not only having to pay bills but trying to also pay for school each semester to take at least one class. Free tuition will help students concentrate on their studies more than having to worry about having a job and trying to manage their schedule daily. If everyone goes to college free I think we would have a lower rate of crime and drugs dealer sitting around on the streets wasting time, because everyone would be busy going to college and studying trying to get a career to be a better person.

Third is that people who couldn’t afford to go to college would be able to go. A child gets into college maybe even their top choice and they’re thrilled. There’s just one problem: they don’t have enough money saved up, so they can’t afford to go. If we want the best and smartest people to succeed, then what is known as “the great equalizer” should be more accessible.

(National Education Association). What is “The Great Equalizer”? The National Education Association defines the great equalizer as “opening doors of opportunity for all. As a nation, we must be committed to providing education equity and resources all students need to succeed”. Author Thornden Argues that “Free college’ isn’t free, it still needs to be paid for.

Where is that money going to come from?” Our country spends more than $601 billion on the military, which is more than the next seven highest spending countries combined! The U.S. could pay for the tuition by lowering the military’s budget by $47 billion, and the remaining $23 billion would be paid by the states”. if so much money is going into the military why can’t the government lower the military budget and put money towards college education especially for family who make under a set amount of money per year. Education brings about peace and prosperity. Global Partnership for Education stated that “I firmly believe that education is the great equalizer.

It enables people to seize opportunities to prosper in life and puts “virtual income” into the pockets of poor families”. (Byanyima) Overall, I do think education should be free for everyone since it is our right to get an opportunity to improve our lives. This can be extremely helpful to students who struggle with affording college, elders who never got to start or finish their degree, and single parents trying to get back into the workforce.


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