Education they complete first play group then nursery

Education System in PakistanEducation is the most important factor for any country’s development and progress. Country’s progress depends upon its literacy rates and quality of education they are providing to their youth.

Education should be the first priority for the success of any country. Education system in our country Pakistan is very poor. Even other third world countries like Nepal, Siri Lanka or Bangladesh have higher literacy rates as compared to Pakistan. So its time to improve the system.

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 85 percent of the pakistani population was illiterate at the time of independence and provinces like Balochistan or Sarhad the literacy rates was even lower there. We had only one university at the time of independence (The university of Punjab). There are four stages of formal education in Pakistan and these are mentioned below1- Primary education2- Secondary education3- Tertiary education4- Quarternary educationPrimary Education:It is pitty that only 80% of pakistani childrens finish primary school education. Our standard system is inspired by british system. Every child have to go through pre primary education first.

Ages from 3 to 5 years of childrens first go to pre primary school there they complete first play group then nursery and then KG. After that they go through junior school where they get education of standard from 1 to 5.  Then they go to middle school where they get education of standard from 6 to 8. At middle school usually single sex education is preferred by the people.

Co-education is also very common in Cities. Most common subjects that are being taught by the schools are Urdu, English, Maths, Arts, Science, Social Studies, Inlamic Studies and Computer sciences. And in some schools province languages also being taught like in punjab Punjabi is part of their road map of that grade or in balochistan balochi books are also being taught there. Some higher standard schools give instruction in forgien languages likes arabian, persian, chinese, italian or friench. Well it also depends upon the the envirnment of that institute that children can be able to read these languages or not.

Pakistan’s poor result in education sector is mainly caused by the public investment. Higher class families can easily afford their children to be taught in standard school where they read british courses, but poor families cant affort these schools they cant even think about these school so they get an admission in government schools. But now the problem we have quantity of government schools are very less and the teacher there they are teaching are mostly not to much qualified so how will they give education to childrens.

Secondary Education :Secondary education is for the student of ninth and tenth grade student and then onward for college students. To reach to college ninth and tenth grade students have to clear BISE(Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education) examination first. The students who succeed in bise exams get secondary school certificate which is also called matriculation certificate. After that student enter the intermediate colleges and they complete class 11 and 12 . In this level student get the education of Fsc/ICS/intermediate or simple Fa. Different fields are provided by the colleges for student to select like pre medical , pre engineering, human rights, or computer education, but every field must have to taught cumpulsary subjects like English, Urdu and  islamyat for class 11 and Pak studies for class 12. for the completion of these 2 grades students again have to pass BISE exams to step in higher university education.On completion they get higher secondary school certificate.

Alternative qualifications are also available instead of BISE. Most common are O levels and A levels and many more.For grade 11 and 12 studends they have one more option Diplomas. Diplomas are of many fields like Civil, chemical, artitecture, mechanical, electrical, computer and many more.  Diplomas are usaully two year program. The student who complete diplomas are called assosiate engineers. After completing that diplomas they can further start get educated in their field or start doing jobs.

 Tertiary Education :  After getting Higher Secondary school certificate students apply for bachelor degree in univeristies. To get admission in universities student need to fullfill their requirments like so ask for entry test or NAT test before getting admission in the university. If a student succeed in a clearing these test then they get admission in university. Now in pakistan there are three types of universities Private,semi private and government universities. Private universities are too expensive but some of all are ranked in top 10 in pakistan so its worth a shot. Semi private universites are affordable for middle class people and they are also ranked in top 10.

Government univeristies are cheapest and highly ranked and they are ranked in top 3 in pakistan. The university of punjab is government university and its ranking is no 1 in pakistan.Universities help the student to groome their skills. Univeristies give a personality, confidence and maturity to students. It makes student independent.  Most of the bachelor degrees are of 4 years and other are 5 years.

Bacholor degrees are Engineering (BS/BE/BSc), Medical(MBBS), Law(LLB), Pharmacy(Pharm.D ) and many more. Most of the universities provides more then hundred fields to apply. Universities give student independence of everything. first universites are co , second Student can choose their favorite teachers, student can choose timings they can even choose evening classes, student can take part in events and tournaments arranged by different departments.

University life is tough but one can enjoy it alot if he prorities things first. Quarternary education :After getting PEC or HEC degree one can apply for job on the base of his bachelor degree or can apply for further master degree. One can earn good money after bachelor degree if still someone want to groome his skills more he can apply for further Master degree.

For master degree he can take admission in the same university or can change or transfer to any other university. Master degree are mostly of 2 years degree. Now lets talk about flaws and how to overcome with them in our education system.first of all we need to pay attension to primary school system. Condition of primary school system is very weak.

In rural areas there are no proper schools available for childrens and if there are some then there are no benches or chairs available for students. In governments schools books should be provided free of cost and one of the biggest problem teachers should be educated. If teacher himselft is not education so how will he deliver his knowledge to childrens. Suituation of primary school in urban area is quite well. Teachers are good there is proper sitting furniture as well as helping material to help the student to understand the lecture more effectively but the feeses in private school are pretty high but middle class and elite class people can afford it but not poor people .Poor people can join government schools. Primary education is the main step for higher education. In every field primary education is the most important like child is born  he pick up the things from his parents how they act, how they talk , how they behave or how they live.

Thats why gorvernment should pay attension to primary schools more then other.Private universities are also very expensive their fee structure starts from 70000-80000 per semester. At the same time in governments universities if feeses are less then the marit touches the sky there. Every year thousands of applicant apply for governments universites but only few hundreds of them a get a chance  because of the availabity of the seats in the government sector.Moving forward in pakistan there are five province Punjab ,sindh , KPK, Balochistan and sarhad. All these province has their own education system and syllabus.

Punjab has difference courses then other provinces. Well the condition of education in punjab is also better then the rest of provinces so is it possible the student of other provinces can be able to understand the book punjab like biology, physics, and chemistry. Sllabus should be same all our the country however they can change the language books if they want like punjab have punjabi books in most of the schools they can have their own language books in their schools.There are some problems with our education system. We dont have alot of resources to maintain a good structure but the good thing is our government is committed to take some good steps for betterment of education.

We pay texes alot still if governments dont create new schools, colleges and universites then the future of this country is going to be dark.With a passage of time government is trying to get rid of education problems. Government is trying to provide education free for all, free books, uniform and transport.Government should take some steps to improve the educational system of our country. For example they can start with the increase in the educational budget so they can attract good teachers and can build more schools, colleges and universities. It is very important to make more universities cause there is a lot of students who cannot afford private institutes for their further studies and need government universities to study further but due to small number of government universities some students are forced to leave there studies and they get a job to support their families.

The government really needs to update their course and syllabus because it is now out dated and there are a lot of mistakes in books. One of the most annoying thing that they should improve or correct is examination system because exams taken by the government is not really meant to test the grip or concepts of the student it is rather based on the fact that how well the student memorize each and every word that is written in the book. The checking system is also not good as they do not give marks properly as there are so many complaints every year. The teaching style of the teachers is also not so much good as the teaching style of the teacher should be such that it brings out the true talent of the child but here teachers only read the text written in the books not explaining it properly not having different exercises with it which is not good enough.Apart from flaws there are some very good aspects of our educational system too. The most clear thing is that in spite of lack in resources and new technology, our system is not only working but one can assure that it is progressing and getting successful to educate the people of Pakistan. Which is clear by the figures During 2005 to 2006 literacy rate for all adults of 15 years and above rose to 51.7% and 53.

5% during 2007 to 2008 and for young adults (aged 15-24 years) to 67% in 2005 to 2006 and  68% in 2007 to 2008. Both these rates show improvements from their 2001-02 levels, of 43% and 62% respectively.In first few paragraphs I pointed out some problems which are making hurdles in the way of progress or education. All of us know that every problem has solution, what we need is to find it.

There are some important points which should be followed by government and responsible leaders to get rid of hurdles.There should be same syllabus for all Pakistanis.Syllabus should be compatible with international university or college syllabus.Government should appoint highly expert and experienced people in education staff as teachersTeachers should be paid highly.Government must not appoint retired army officer or a politician as minister of education.

A well-qualified and expert personality should occupy this seat.Government must increase funds and budgets for education.More attention must be paid to the under developing areas of Pakistan.There should be more vacancies for the students in institutions.There must be availability of proper jobs after getting educational degrees.There must be the Public private partnership.There must be a check and balance system.

There must be strong rules to avoid corruption in education.Pakistan is a third world under developed country and making progress by slowly and steady. In education system we need hard work , love and passion with our new generation.

We should make our grass root level strong. It is Government’s responsibility to solve administrative and management problems of Pakistan Education system.


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