Education be able to teach other people. College

Education is an important medium of acquiring essential knowledge and skill. It’s more than just learning from books. Although many careers don’t require a college degree my future career as a teacher does and its very important.

  Education is the key to becoming a teacher. Our world is constantly changing and developing so it is very important to learn and gain knowledge from it, so we could be able to teach other people. College degrees provide us with practical skills and knowledge that we can apply to our workplace. Not only making the information interesting but will be a great use in teaching. This helps us to become more wise successful people.  College doesn’t only give us knowledge but the skills as well. The basics values of education are important because it enhances the skills we have.

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These skills include the basic abilities to communicate, critical thinking, teamwork etc. These kinds of skills give us the experience to be prepared for what’s next. This also gives us the opportunity to grow our social networks and boost our confidence. Being a teacher requires all these skills. and by getting there we meet challenges and overcome obstacles that help us improve. In many careers as well as teaching the higher degree or education you have the more opportunities. A person like this is seen more qualified compared to a person without extended education. Studies show that college graduates earn more money throughout their life time then high school education.

. Because they are more prepared to do the job. A teacher who has more education has more experience and learning so they will have higher pay.


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