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The financial burden of education fees and study is rising. Due to this increasing living cost, education finances, student tend to work part time during their studies. This topic is common topic that many student faced nowadays. The increase of tuition costs, the decrease of governmental and family supports, and the changes in students’ lifestyle and consumption preferences have forced many full-time students to take part-time jobs (Beerkens, Magi, ; Lill, 2011; Christou ; Haliassos, 2006; Little, 2002; Moreau ; Leathwood, 2006). Nowadays, there are many student who work part time to accommodate their live in college. Prior research has shown that the number of college students who work while attending college has increased substantially. This is because the living cost is high, the need of the subject taken need extra money and also money is needed when doing outside campus research. Students in 2000’s era have become more creative, independent and also have high motivate to survive in university.

Part time student are from age 18 to 24 years old. Most of the part time workers are full time student. They usually work at times where there are free and also when weekend. Their choice of working part time is usually at the supermarket nearby their college or university. The famous choice for student who seek for part time job is fast food restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, retail stores or other stall also shop that need part time workers. For example, in Shah Alam, there are many opportunities for student who are looking for part time job. There always job vacancy at PKNS Shah Alam. There are many type of vacancy there such as shop assistant, boutique assistant, kitchen helper and also work at bookstore.

Every student has their own aspirations in life and that is the reason why some of them are working while studies. Some of them maybe have a desire to wear something nice to class or using a nice smartphone and this can be one of the reason that they have to earn their own money. As we can see, not all parent are able to fulfil their children’s desire. It is a good behaviour that student worked for what they want. Another reason of student who are doing part time job could be that they have to support themselves for buying books, pay for food and many college activities. A study done by “Jonathan M. Orszag, Peter R. Orszag and Diane M. Whitmore states that since 1984, the fraction of college students aged 16 to 24 who also work full or part time has increased from 49 to 57 percent.” This shows that many student are willing to work rather than waiting for their parent’s money. In this era, it seems that many student are doing part time job form home such as online seller.

Problem statement
• What are the reasons student are working while studying?
• Student are lacking in time management between work and study
• Students need to survive with their own pocket money and budgeting finance

• What are the challenge faced by students?

In this research, there are some issue that researcher have found regarding on students who are working part time during their studies. Student who work part time usually have to work because they have to pay for their living expenses. This is because they have to pay for their food, mobile data, their car gas and also for subject related project. This is because sometime students need to use their own money to pay for outside campus project, notes and also printing assignment. We also can identify that student who work part time is having a hard time in managing their time properly. They always have problem on how to manage their time between work, class, college activities and doing assignments. Student also need to survive with their own pocket money and budgeting finance. While working part time job, students always have to endure the challenge that they have to face. However, some scholars believe that part time employment is not all that detrimental. Derous and Ryan (2008) and Hodgson and Spours (2001) both point out that although out-of-school employment in general has negative impacts on undergraduates’ academic outcomes, it may be beneficial to students’ academic outcomes if the job is relevant for their academic study and if it is performed in a balanced, autonomous way. There are many challenge that they have to face by balancing education and part time work. They have to have high motivation and survival skills in order to become experience worker and a great student. This is because student who are doing part-time job while pursuing a degree is hard work, but the benefits are typically greater than the amount of a pay check.


• To identified why student need extra money during studies
• To know the challenge that student faced by working part time
• To identify the crisis of financial problem among student

Research questions

To reflect on the research problem, few questions were attested in accordance to the research’s topic; earning while learning: reasons and challenge faced by student while working part time job. The questions are as follows:

• Why student need money?
• Did part time working effect their study?
• What are the benefits for them?
• What are the challenge that student faced by working part time?

Expected Outcome/Significant of Study

From the research, we expected to have in-depth understanding on earning while learning: reasons and challenge faced by student while working part time job from the questionnaire that we had distribute. In addition, we also hope that the research to be studied and referred by future researchers to help them in their research. Nevertheless, the reseach is crucial because of these few reasons:

• This study can be benefical for student who want to do a part time job
• Student can know the circumstance while doing two jobs at the same time
• Non-working students and lecturer will understand the situation of a student who work part time faced and help them to cope up with their studies


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