E-Commerce PortalTechbit started promoting their books online by

E-Commerce InfrastructureLamar HarrisGrantham University?E-Commerce InfrastructureIntroductionCurrently, Internet marketing continues to play a critical role to the success of many businesses. For one to market himself as a brand and to promote their business, the internet has become the recently most reliable platform that ensure users have access to one’s product with much ease, hence reducing the costs incurred in other advertisement platforms, such as print media. This essay seeks to describe the web services that are utilized by Techbit Company to promote the sale of their books online with the purpose of increasing sales and expanding the customer base.Online PortalTechbit started promoting their books online by opening a portal through which customers can access a list of books that they have, discount offered when the sales are at optimum among a range of other information offered by the company.

Lieb (2011) explains that transition from just being an e-retailer of books to a major e-commerce gateway has motivated the customers who have confidence in their products and this has made the business to experience huge profits. The business has also offered attractive concessions to its customers who desire to purchase their products.FacebookSocial websites have become a common trend for Techbit Company which has embarked on using social platforms such as Facebook to promote their books. The company has a special team of social media experts who are keen on studying the trends in the reading fields ranging from e-commerce, science, and biographies. The team updates new books in the market and advertise through the company’s special Facebook page. This is advantageous because most of the customers on Facebook act as a source of referrals. Through Facebook, the vendor can request for the books to be dispatched to them, and hence, the value of the book becomes inclusive of Techbit’s transport charges.

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BlogsUse of bloggers has also enabled Techbit Company to compete favorably in the competitive market. Recent research has shown that blogs are among the trustworthy source of information. Most influencers have their own blog through which they seek their attention and influence. Techbit Company has partnered with bloggers to ensure that they positively talk about the company, and about the good services they offer. Chaffey and Chadwick (2016) argue that since most bloggers have a good clique of people who they influence, their mode of advertisement has since seen the company witness profits since their word is seen as an approval by most of the aspiring customers.

Web AppBuy_me.com is a recently acquired website by Techbit. It’s an online fashion gateway that is tasked with branding all the activities of Techbit.

From designing their websites, updating the online portal and ensuring that the marketed commodities are well branded for the market. The advantage of the new website is that it already enjoys the goodwill of most customers and hence their presence is a great plus to Techbit Company (Strauss & Raymond, 2016). The company is also responsible for getting new trade names for market products that are new to the market by ensuring that a target exists on the company’s website.?Mobile AppThe company has established a mobile application system where customers can make online purchases and also track their position while in transit for delivery. Christopher (2016) state that the mobile application has made it easy for customers to save time and costs involved in traveling.ConclusionOnline marketing agencies continue to make a kill from their marketing strategies as many business starters, or those who seek to improve their business such as Techbit, shifts to online marketers as the best strategy of ensuring increased sales. The importance of internet marketing is that it helps improve the brand visibility, traffic as well as sales by connecting with more customers.

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