E-commerce using their selfie photos just to see

E-commerce has taken over most retail stores, now most consumers are virtually shopping instead of personally going to retail stores. Even though there is some customer who prefer to go personally to the store to get a feel of the merchandise and being able to take it home at the very moment instead of waiting for the shipping. The target marketing is now adding apps from most retail stores to allow customer to view the items online before heading to the store personally for purchase. The app can allow user to try on the outfits by using their selfie photos just to see if the garment is the right appeal for their looks. Once the consumer is satisfied with their outfit choice they have an option to have the retail store hold the item for them to pick up personally at the store or have the retailer deliver the outfit to the consumer home instead.

E-commerce has become a destination source for example one can google make-up tutorials and automatically you’ll see ads with make-up stores that offers online shopping with a discount code to entice shoppers in wanting to order the products. The traditional stores such as Macy’s and JCPenney’s are becoming less of the numbers of retail stores available throughout the United States all because most shoppers are relying online shopping for clothes, especially the young generations. Other retail stores such as Walmart, Home Depot, Dollar General, etc. are holding on well because they sell a variety of necessity items.

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In my view I can somewhat see the convenience in online shopping by not having to step outside and deal with the physical line to purchase an item. I can consider online shopping more so during the holidays when most malls are usually crowded, I cant deal with the long wait in line and the crowded places. But rationally I do love to see the items and get a feel of the clothing before making purchase to assure if Ill be happy with the item.

On the contrary the worst thing about online shopping is after purchasing and not being happy with the item one must return and wait again for the item to be shipped over again. Either way we need retails stores to continue as it can be convenient and online shopping is also interesting when an item is not sold locally. Both physical retail and online shopping can benefit well to anyone conveniences.


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