e dollar 10 billion by the conclusion

e commerce clients totaled 3.8 billion around the world study consider by the Worldwide Media transmission Union, the UN organization that supervises universal communications. This sums to around 47 percent of the world’s populace E-Commerce will before long be a slant for businesses within the UAE and it is anticipated to reach dollar 10 billion by the conclusion of following year . E-commerce commerce within the UAE has the most reduced rate of E-commerce commerce within the World but before long E-commerce will be developing as a main trend for businesses over the UAE.

The whole esteem of E-commerce within the UAE was around $2.5 billion as per a 2014 report but typically anticipated to quicken and will moreover make modern businesses and more work openings in coming future. E-commerce is one of the quickest developing trade within the UAE. Center East comes among the best locales of the world for shopping and doing commerce There are different types of e business models that we have learnt throughout our coursework and those are listed as follows:1) Activity Business Model: This type of model focuses on efficiency i.e.

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cost reduction. For eg: brouchreware and emails. 2) Business Process Model: This type of model focuses on effectiveness and customer retention and customer satisfaction. For eg: Customer Relationship Management.

3) Enterprise and Pure Play Model: This type of model focuses on business transformation or implementation and they take competitive advantage. For eg: Pure dot.com or Amazon.com.the type of e-business model we have is the “ENTERPRISE Level E- BUSINESS MODEL”. As it’s an online business and it has variety of products to serve to the customers throughout and that’s why we consider it as an enterprise level which would be suitable for our company and it would be pertinent in the UAE Market.

WADI.COMWadi.com is an internet marketplace which aims to be the most excellent online shopping entrance with very a extend of products available, for the E-Shopper (UAE) and Saudia. we interface buyers with the most excellent merchants over GCC so that they can get the most noteworthy deals. we accept online shopping can be fair as individual and locks in as entering a retail store.

We guarantee to supply hassle-free online shopping encounter all the way from item choice to opportune delivery. Wadi.com is here to alter the way you are doing online shopping. We’re here to rearrange the online shopping for the inhabitants of Joined together Middle easterner Emirates (UAE). Our approach is based on 3 basic principles: • Clutter free presentation of products on the website • Easier selection process with expert reviews and descriptions • Faster and on time deliveryWADI.COM will utilize improving approaches to back our approach towards stream lining the online shopping handle for making it less difficult and less demanding for our clients. aqueduct accept it ought to be as straightforward as Surf, Select and Shop. Our simple however instinctive online shopping component that’s made particularly for the comfort of individuals living in Joined together Middle easterner Emirates (UAE) and SaudiaSWOT ANALYSISSwot Analysis is a framework used to analyze the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of the organization.

It helps to minimize the weakness of our business and to maximize the strength of the business. It is both internal and external. The internal includes Strength and Weakness, whereas, the external includes Opportunities and Threats. Swot analysis can also be used for business planning, strategic planning, marketing, product developing etc.The following is the SWOT analysis for WADI.COMPESTEL ANALYSISA PESTEL analysis is a tool used by the organizations to monitor the internal and external factors that has an impact over the organization.

These include Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal factors. STRATEGIC PLANNINGThe group or segment that our online business targets are e-shopper. It covers a wide range of areas and provides delivery in across UAE and SAUDI. It offers a wide range of products . It has different brands as it has partnership with most brand products.

E-MARKETING STRATEGIESThe e-marketing strategy includes the 4 P’s of marketing that is the Price, Portal, Promotion and Product. ? PRICE:wadi’s goal is to provide the customers with wide range of products with cheaper price. We have set the prices of products reasonable keeping in mind the income and purchasing power of the customers.? PORTAL:The portal is easy and understandable to access. The products are separated in different categories of brands so that it will be easy and convenient for the customers to recognize and purchase. ? PROMOTION:The promotion of the online business is done both online and offline. The online advertisement and promotion is done through various popular social websites such as Facebook etc.

whereas, offline advertisement and promotion can be done through newspapers, signs, radio advertisement, sponsorship, free swag, events and trade shows and flyers and postcards etc.? PRODUCT:We offer a wide range of products to customers keeping in mind the latest trends and updates of beauty product and also new innovation added to the product.IMPLEMENTATION PLANWe offer good quality products with wide ranges and less price.

We also offer customers with daily and weekend deals Bonanza along with gift hampers and complimentary gifts. We also provide coupons, discounts and lucky draws in order to attract more customers and satisfy our customers. The delivery of the product will be done in 1-2 working days by our trained expert packaging staff. Delivery:The delivery of the product will be done in 1-2 working days once it is ordered.

The product will be delivered in almost all location and different countries. There are two modes of payment for this online business. It can either be cash on delivery (CoD) OR online payment. The necessary delivery charges would apply for cash on delivery. The delivery time and date will be informed to the customer via SMS, email and on the website portal. The delivery person will call the customer prior the delivery.


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