Dyes which is the type azo dyes used

Dyes are water-soluble synthetic aromatic dispersible organic colorants,getting involving in various industries such as textiles, cosmetics, pulp mills, leather, printing, food, dye production and plastics (Wenget al., 2009)1. Annually, there are about 106 tons of synthetic dyes are produced . Globally, 280000 tons of textile dyes are discharged in the dye containing industrial effluents every year (Jin et al.

, 2007)3. . The release of synthetic dye into the aquatic system is very dangerous as its reported genotoxic, mutagenic, teratogenic and carcinogenic effects as trypan blue (Tr.B) which is the type azo dyes used for the preparation of color staining solutions, staining histological sample materials of human origin, but presence of 0.2 % Tr.B can cause considerable damage to the retina 4 and it has carcinogenic and teratogenic effects of Tr.B in animals and possibly in humans 5, 6, brilliant green (Br.

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G) is the organic dyes which belongs to the family of triphenylmethane7.it used for biological stain, dermatological agent, veterinary medicine, and an additive to poultry feed to inhibit propagation of mold, intestinal parasites, and fungus 8 and toluidine blue (To.B), a phenothiazine type dye, has been widely used for medicine science, textile industry and biotechnology 9–12. Both of Br.G and To.B are cationic dyes, for Br.G the contact with it can cause respiratory tract, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, causing coughing and shortness of breath 13-15 and To.B has carcinogenic effect.There are many important techniques for wastewater treatment 16-18, however, adsorption is the most attractive technique due to its advantages in the term of cost, design, operation and insensitivity to toxic sludge formed 19, 20.the flexible polyurethane foam is the good choice for adsorbent.it has an excellent properties as presence of PUF matrix, it can used only for separation of a neutral and acidic organic species 21-23.


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