Duty Work Role essay

In my duty of care, I take on responsibilities in the mornings by making sure the pupils are up and ready for school. Will support the less capable pupils with personal care and try to encourage them to wash and be independent at shower times if needed in the mornings. Will make sure that the pupils have breakfast and have everything ready for school and then drop the younger pupils to school.Make sure that everyone is safe and in the right place where they should be going and make sure the bedrooms, living room and kitchen is tidy and safe. After school I always supervise the children with homework and help them if needed. In the evenings, as in the mornings I will make sure they are safe at all times.

We try and get the children involved with the cooking each day and make meals they would enjoy. I will take the pupils to their activities such as Paramour, Samba, sweet shop, to the town and cubs weekly.I took the Older pupils to paramour weekly to be able to get involved with socializing and learning different skills, they really enjoyed it but eventually it became something that they did not what to do as there were not enough kills to teach them as much as they would have wanted to learn. I take some of the pupils to Samba weekly and organized the primary pupils to the sweet shop weekly for them to learn how to manage their pocket money and teach them about math to help them to be a little more independent before they go onto secondary school.I support the children if they need help or wanting to talk to a member of staff when they are upset or worried about something. Have been involved with Student A who is going through an emotional time and is struggling with her confidence and homework, so I have been encouraging her to use a homework chart that I have created for her to spread out her homework and make it easier for her to focus. When she needs to we will have one to one time, weekly if she needs to talk and needs some help.Recently Student A has been drawing pictures that have been able to translate with regards to her pain.

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She wanted to keep this private but explained that could not and so went to the Senior Child Protection to discuss it and this has given us a little more insight into her home life and her needs. She continues to draw these pictures and is benefiting from it. I will adapt the communication and the language to match the child’s need and for them to understand.We use the visual communication for the less able to communicate and to be clear with what activities are happening, who is working which day and doing sleep in duties. I have created rewards charts for the primary children to aim their targets to achieve their independence and understanding what is right and wrong to get their rewards weekly when they have achieved the badges.

I get involved in situations with challenging behavior children and deal with them.When I was dealing with Student B ho was in trouble for his behavior previous day by ignoring staffs and being rude to his peers and wanting his sweets as I have locked them in my drawer due his behavior when walking to school in the morning being horrible to his peer so I wanted to deal with it after school, and explained him the situation calmly and was not happy with his behavior and was refusing to leave the room for a time out as he was being rude as he has time outs to reflect his behavior at times and locked the door with all the children in the living room when I was trying to get the Head of Care to explain the situation, e panicked when the Head of Care came upstairs and pushed me when I had my arm up on the door and hurt my shoulder so I left the room and Student A was sent to bed straight away and he knew it was unacceptable and in the next morning, he came to apologies and would help me for the rest of the week. I had to report it in the sanction book and the incident book to log in what has happened and reported to the Headrace and followed the WOW procedure. We have pupils in residential that are involved in child protection that comes and talk to me about their situations when they feel dressed or upset.I would support each of them and listen to what they want to say and what they want to talk about, I always make sure I report it to the Senior Child Protection and pass on any information that I am concerned about to deal with situations if needed to.

I did the safeguarding training, so it is always about protecting the pupils and myself too if needed as Student C was threaten to self- harm herself and would talk about it in front of her peers. It was a situation where it needed to be dealt with urgently, to get her away from her peers to explain that it is a threat. It was reported to the Head of Pastoral Care and a close eye was kept on her constantly and made sure there is no sharp objects around and if some where around took them away.Admit duties- I will write in the daily De-brief book to keep updated with what the pupils have been doing, record any concerns, behaviors and incidents. I organized different activities weekly for the pupils and give them choices of what they would like to do then fill in the risk assessments and the offset forms. I would create different reward charts for the primary with targets to alp them to understand their targets and to achieve rewards end of each week and also make credit cards for the secondary to help them to achieve their responsibilities and understands the routines so the amount of money they will receive each of end term they are able to spend on what they would like as a reward. Loud sort out the photographs that had been taken each term and file them in the outcomes as evidence of what activities the pupils got involved with and what they enjoyed doing every term.

I will do the logs every week to keep updated with the children take responsibility for, to keep updated with their personal development, social development, health, happiness and enjoyment and issues that needs to bring up. I review their targets every week to make sure they are following their targets that have been set each term, follow their ICILY (Independent Check List) and do their ICP (Independent Care Plan) to file in the folder along with their annual reviews and targets that will be reviewed every long term period or when needed.I take the responsibility to sort out the photographs every term and collect them as evidence of what activities they have got involved in and what they eave been doing and record them in the outcomes file and keep the files updated with the activities timetables and menu weekly.

I will get in contact with the parents if needed to. I would use peacetime to be able to talk to them directly as I am hard of hearing myself and some of the parents are deaf so it is easier to use peacetime to talk about their child. Also it makes it a little more personal. I always make sure I keep updated with the policies and use them in my everyday routine such as the missing child procedures- when a child goes missing, we note what time we have discovered this, we communicate tit the team i. Ask where the child was last seen, sear h the whole area and if we still cannot find the pupil after 15-10 minutes we then contact the head of pastoral care, the headrace and the police. Fire procedures- if the fire alarm goes off we have to collect the fire register and clear the building but if a child does not want to leave we then have to give a clear explanation and give them a choice and then we leave together and go to the safe fire point to make sure everyone is out of the building, child protection, care policy and we eave a system called WOW procedures (this is something we have in our residential area) that We will follow everyday if a pupil gets into trouble or do something they should not have done and not followed the rules in an residential environment.

We have 4 different levels of the WOW procedures and we will match their behavior in which level they should be in such as Level 1 would be a warning and recorded in the daily De-brief, Level 2 would be informing their school teacher and early bed if required, Level 3 would be banned from activities, staff to talk to the pupil to get them to understand it is to appropriate behavior and what we expect from them, Level 4 would be the major sanction as in grounding or getting sent home. Always make sure I use the WOW procedures if needed and talk to my line manager or head of care to discuss what it is the best way. Feel need to be able to stand my ground with the secondary more when they misbehave as I do struggle at times to be able to deal with their behavior as the pupils tend to ignore you more and be difficult when they are in trouble.

Sometimes I have to pass it onto head of care to deal with whereas I should be able to deal with it myself UT I feel am improving in this part becoming more firm by making sure they know where they stand with me and to accept the punishment better and I need to continue with it and to make it clear where the boundaries are between me and the pupils. Whereas with the primary children, feel I can deal with the situations on my own without having to get the Head of Care involved.

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