Duty procedures to take with regards to

Duty of care works directly to safeguard and protect the Young People in our care, they are directly linked without having Duty of Care in place the chances of failing to protect and keep children safe increases somewhat. As explained above duty of care plays a big part in the way policies are carried out within any setting. For example, when a case requires the knowledge of safeguarding, we should now the correct procedures to take with regards to the need of the child, this applies to all policies or procedures that we need to take action.Risk Assessments are carried out and reviewed for all activities we do, this way you can ensure that any risk concerning equipment, venues and activities are minimised reducing the risk of injury or harm that may come to the young person or ourselves identifying and recognising potential hazards and eliminating them.Policies and procedures are in place so that we have clear rules and boundaries ensure that both young people and ourselves know how to conduct themselves within the setting, what this means is not behaving in way that could cause distress or harm to others within our setting


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