During the middle ages there were many factors

During the middle ages there were many factors. Although some major factors were the churches, political, social structure, manorialism system, and military. All these, changed history without them life would have been very different during the middle ages.
The Churches played a large part of medieval europe. They played the role of bringing people together and showing them how the world worked. Churches were the most powerful institution. They were so powerful considering political people had power only locally. The churches touched everyone’s life no matter your rankings. In this time everyone was christian, except a small group of jews.When children entered this world they were here to serve god as they grew they were taught basic prayers. Everyone had to follow the church rules. They also had to pay heavy taxes for the church. In return they received a promised happy afterlife. Some people even took it a step further and donated to the church. By donating it was guaranteeing a certain place in afterlife. People may have donated land, flocks of crops, or serfs. This was one way the churches gained power.


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