During 17th century. Eunuchs/Transgender used to get

During the Great Mughal Empire, transgender/Eunuchs were enjoying authorities like they were trusted as guards.

A Dutch trader Francisco Pelsaert surprised to see the perks, privileges, prestige, and power enjoyed by the transgender in the 17th century. Eunuchs/Transgender used to get whatever they desired whether desire of horse to ride or clothes same as their masters used to wear. Eunuchs were also served as the personal guards of the kings and saved lives of the Mughal kings many times. Moreover, eunuchs were also vested with very important messages and they were used to send as an influencing messenger. Furthermore, eunuchs served in important offices and also worked as a persons of wealth during Mughal Empire. A lot of historians and travelers have seen this structure in which eunuchs enjoyed the great perks and privileges and these historians have written in their books.

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Now-a-days transgender/Eunuchs in India feel very proud of the past structure of the Mughal Empire and the power once they have enjoyed. Behar government has restored some of the past things such as recruiting eunuchs in police for the security of the women and to take the remand of the women because eunuchs are not men. Now the major thing is that from where Mughals learnt to treat eunuchs with such a respect and trusted them with great authorities. These norms were come from the Muslim world because eunuchs were assigned the duty as guards to protect tomb of Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and later on to protect the Kaba. Thus, they enjoyed authority as a police to regulate, to arrest, to protect, and secure assets from women who came to visit these holy sites.

They were trusted with such authority for the reasons such as they were not men and they were powerful to control along with regulate the pilgrimages. In addition, they did not steal important things because they have no descendant whom they would like to steal things. This created them more credible and created their role as police. Through these places this became a norm and proliferated to the other sultans whether in Cairo or Turkey. Mughals were also one of them; those were influenced and became to exercise these norms in their empire.When Mughals gave them such perks and privileged, many others from their empire became interested in these kinds of jobs and became trading eunuchs.

Therefore, Akbar’s son had to ban on them. Eunuchs were serving at very high ranks at herms and they protected women from external aggression. Moreover, they saved lives of the great kings from their close relatives such as brother. When we see eunuchs at glance, we find that they are begging on roads, streets, and dancing at different events such as on birthdays, marriages, and other events etc.

we have forgotten the great past and the perks and privileges once they have enjoyed. Moreover, we rarely acknowledge the respect with whom they were treated in the past, and also rarely acknowledge their power and glory which once they have lived with honor in the subcontinent.


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