I noticed somecommon patterns of

During my observation, I noticed somecommon patterns of errors in my writing. Some of them are easy to modify, whichcan be avoided if I can proofread before I submit, such as wrong word,spelling, comma splice, error with a quotation, and missing capitalization.

Asregards to clarity purpose and translation, I feel there were enough clarityand purpose in the delivery and the message translation was efficient enough. Ibelieve I was able to effectively finesse in my points to ensure the perceptionof the reader is convinced while ensuring an audience focused approach. Giventhe errors which I encountered while I was involved in the writing process, Ibelieve the purpose was still accomplished regardless and effectivecommunication was successfully achieved. However critical errors such asgrammar and sentence structure errors require extensive practice to improveself-awareness for these errors. The following are some grammar errors that Imade in my before writing assignments.

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