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During the early 19th centuries there has been many literatures based on gender roles. Women were recognized as housewives, while men work and provide for their families. The Yellow Wallpaper is a short-story written in a play format. This play illustrates the 19th centuries attitude towards women’s health. In this play the narrator uses a collection of Journal entries to tell her story of how she suffered from depression and loneliness. Her husband John being a doctor put her on bed rest isolating her from literally everything. Trifles is a one-act play, this play is based on the murder of Mr. Wright. Ms. Wright is accused of killing her husband.
Both Yellow Wallpaper and Trifles have a common theme which is oppression. Both authors are females in which they are raising awareness to end oppression. The Yellow Wallpaper suggests that a covert/silent revolution needs to take place. A revolution that women can stand up and fight to end mental illness diagnosis. In trifles the story demonstrates sisterhood where women stand together to help a fellow sister in need. Trifles the plot of the story is the kitchen is served as a workplace for women. Women found empowerment through domestic tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Minnie Wright and her husband get into an altercation because of her “Gloomy Kitchen” its “left without having been put in order- unwashed dishes put under the sink, load of bread outside, dish towel on the table and other signs of incomplete work (Glaspell). Ms. Wright lost all the motivation and hope she had in which this led her to the murder of her husband.
The women in Trifles demonstrated solidarity amongst women can be successful in bringing oppression to an end. Two female characters Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters managed to hide the evidence that could have caused Minnie Wright to go to jail. The male investigators did not find anything serious as they never searched with attention in the kitchen due to the value they had attached to the kitchen. The two women who hid the evidence against Minnie saved her from embarrassment and shame. They, learnt in order to fight oppression they had to remain united and in solidarity as women.
In the Yellow Wallpaper, the narrators being a woman and a previous writer. The narrator has no name in which she is telling her story through journal entries. She is put on bed-rest and is ordered to stay in bed 24/7. Her husband John being a doctor is the one who’s caring for her health. The narrator finds peace and comfort by writing and expressing her feelings. The Yellow Wallpaper brought to light the inequality the existed between men and women. Moreover, as the narrator complained to her husband about the room being empty in response John called her a “blessed goose (YW1), later on as the narrator has trouble sleeping her husband John calls her a “little girl” (YW2). The language used shows that the husband is not treating his wife as his soul mate, in fact he is comparing her to animals and children.
The narrator herself beings to write in her journal her biggest disappointments is being isolated from the world and not being able to fulfill her marital duties such as motherhood “It does weigh on me so not to do my duty in anyway” (YW3). To wrap things up, these stories main objective is the narrators nervous condition as she slowly losses sense of reality. The whole time she’s being misunderstood and misdiagnosed by her husband a doctor who is unable to understand a women’s health condition in which he believes the best solution is to put her on bed rest. The narrator had no choice but to follow orders as her husband being a physician out ranks her.
These two pieces of literature has the same race and Gender. In both literature’s shows how, men are powerful and have the ability to control women. There has been many plays and literatures regarding gender theory one piece of play were reading in Theatre class is Othello by Shakespeare. In this literature the portrayal of gender roles in Shakespeare demonstrates the wrongfully treatment of women and the stereotypes of men placed on them by society. The women are referred to and treated as property. In this Shakesphare play theirs one female in this play that attempts to be the perfect wife that any man can ask for, but instead she is silenced and mistreated. Desdemona displays obedience towards her husband on many occasions even though Othello mistreats her. Once married you are no longer under control of your father. She refers to her husband Othello as her ” Lord”(Shakespare1).
To conclude, Women faced oppression and feminism to a high extend during the early 19th centuries. Not only in literatures but in real life, they were not allowed to vote nor work, they were treated as property. It did no matter the race both White and Colored were pretty much treated the same. Women joined forces to end oppression and fought to gain equal rights as men. These pieces of literature show readers the inside scoop of how women were mistreated and had no voice. Both Gilman and Glaspell are determined to educate readers in ways that they can to help bring oppression and feminism to an end.

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