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Duringthe advances in medical technology, people should not return to traditionalmedicine.

In this era of globalization, medical technology plays an importantrole in medicine it can treat almost all of our common disease in life. Medicaltechnology is a broad area where innovation plays a crucial role in maintaininghealth. For example, pharmaceuticals, the development of medical devices andequipment, biotechnology and so on. This will make a significant contributionto improving the health of people all around the world. As a result,innovations in the medical technologies have also increased the productivityand efficiency of a healthcare system and lead them to sustainable development.Firstly,modern medicine is the importance of medical technology which is diagnosis andtreatment.

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In diagnosis and treatment from a scientific perspective all that wesense that is hear, say, see and feel through the screen to our body themedical diagnosis technology starts with simple things to process theidentifying what was wrong. Nevertheless, medical devices and equipmenttechnology has made a major contribution to modern life and are one of the mainbenefits of improving living standards and innovating in medicine. For example,the surgery is a better monitoring system and a comfortable device medicaltechnology allow patients to recover in a short-term. Therefore with this deviceand equipment, we can observe our condition in the body. In addition, medicineis also very advancing in this society because they will carry out laboratoryresearch on medicine and the certificates they have been obtained to show noharmful of medicine and so on.

Moreover, this can be a fixed dose of standardmedicine to patients with age or disease severity.Onthe other hand. , traditional medicine still important to society this is becausetraditional medicine is a basic combination of belief, facts, customs,practices as well as medicinal herbs There usually passed on from onegeneration to another. Herbal medicine is widespread availability for ruralresidents, herbs tend to be inexpensive compared with the modern medicinebecause even though is an individual can easily plant it at home.

Intraditional medicine, there are no problems of side effects cause using toomust medicine because these medicines contain natural ingredients they aresafer to use. In remote areas, herbs are the only treatment that most peoplecan use to treat.


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