Due aim of surviving the market and

Due to the shortage of the main component of the microwave oven i.e. magnetron, Galanz had to migrate to ODM phase. This supply chain challenge forced innovation by developing their own magnetron and invest into related research and development. The aim of surviving the market and sustaining cost leadership was critical in this phase. Increasing market share by flexible prioritization was also followed.

Galanz bloomed as a market leader by using the strategy of Cost leadership. The other pertinent strategies adopted included a well-managed supply chain to deliver the product to the consumer end and the compliance with respect to customer acceptable quality standards pertaining to the products. Hence the quality of product as well as price leadership were equally important for the success of the company. The company also involved itself into OEM and OBM business that was executed by a varied production strategy. Owing to the pertinent roles played by accuracy of the forecast and responsiveness in overall business strategy, the accuracy of delivery was a pertinent operations objective at this stage. The company conceptualized an offering of the branded microwave oven to K-Mart and Wall Mart stores across the country. As Galanz expanded across the globe rightly so sales and after sale services became the dominant business strategy respectively. The company lays stress on ample training being offered to the customer service staff in areas such as repair, handling complaints, warranty claims and the like for adept servicing of the consumers. The company was also researching and developing a number of low to high range based products those have complicated configurations in order to offer additional flexibility to consumers thereby gaining competitive advantage in the market place.

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