Due shareholders the opportunity to ask any questions

Due to it being a public limited company, this means that anyone can buy shares of this organisation.

Some of BTs stakeholders are internal to the business such as employees and some are external such as their customers. BT attempt to maintain close relationships with their major shareholders and sees them as partners. BT reward their shareholder by giving them a percentage of their profits, which is called a dividend.

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BT pay this twice a year BT also offer their shareholders a free BT credit card, which receives discounts on new products. BT also hold an Annual general meeting every year, which all shareholders are, invited to attend shareholders are given a chance to meet the chairman and board of directors to give shareholders the opportunity to ask any questions and receive a performance report. A focus on customers on one of the most important things to BT and they must always be making continuous investments in new services for them to offer to stop their customers from changing provider. BT also must try to offer more environmentally friendly ways of working their latest wireless broadband BT home hub router uses almost 40%less energy and uses 25% less plastic then previous models. When working with their suppliers they apply their GS13 Environment Impact Risk assessment questionnaire to make sure they are not doing lots of damage to the environment.


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