Duddy the land he wanted to buy

Duddy Kravitz uses manipulation in the interest of his
greediness towards other characters in the novel.  The first instance in which we can see
Duddy’s greediness comes with his relationship with Yvette.  Yvette Durelle, was Duddy’s lover in most of
the novel. However, Duddy doesn’t see her for true beauty, he only sees her for
sexual needs as well as demanding to show him the land over the hills.” Yvette wanted to wait, but Duddy
insisted and they made love on the carpet. “I don’t get it,” Duddy said.
“Imagine guys getting married and tying themselves down to one single broad for
a whole lifetime when there’s just so much stuff around, “People fall in love,”
Yvette said. “It happens.”
“Planes crash too,” Duddy said. “Listen, I’ve got an important letter to write.
We’ll eat soon. OK?” (Richler 191). This quote shows the reader the greediness
of Duddy to Yvette, how he only wants her for sexual pleasures. The quote from
Uncle Bengy, shows Duddy’s greed as well as he uses Yvette to purchase the land
over the hill, so he is not seen as a no body to her anymore. “The farmers
would be wary of a young Jew, they might jack up prices or even refuse to sell,
but another French-Canadian would not be suspect,” (100). Duddy uses Yvette’s
French-Canadian name to make sure the land he wanted to buy would get sold to
him and for a fair price. Finally, the last uses of greed in the novel, comes
from the relationship between Duddy and Virgil. Primarily, Duddy owes Virgil
money Duddy does not have. Instead of paying him back, Duddy convinces Virgil
of a way in which he does not have to pay him back that benefits Duddy, by
offering him a job. However, this job benefits Duddy more than Virgil.  “Despite this contrast and Duddy’s ability to
manipulate Virgil over the job and truck, Duddy is innocent of any real
knowledge of epilepsy and certainly less informed than Virgil in this regard,” (Wainwright1).
Duddy also cheats Virgil into giving him money. “Duddy took a quick look at
Virgil’s bank balance, whistled, noted his account number and ripped out two
cheques.” (307). Even though Virgil told Duddy that he could not loan him any
money, Duddy resorts in stealing from Virgil and believes that he will forgive
him just like he has countless other times. To conclude the theme of greed is
seen from the very beginning. Duddy, uses his friends and even his “girlfriend”
to further his personal need even though it is the wrong thing to do.

In conclusion, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz is a
comical novel which shows, the life of a young boy into a grown man who, the reader
see’s making wrong decisions. Duddy seems to make the wrong choices in life, as
this starts off as a habit he would make in his younger years, as he would manipulate
the rules to sell hockey sticks and comic books. This manipulation would later be
shown by the people who loved and cared for Duddy as he treated his best friend
Virgil, a man who has serious health issues wrongly and used him for Duddy’s own
personal benefit. He treats his girlfriend Yvette the same as well. His greed comes
from what he was told in the past. Duddy has obviously chosen the wrong kind of
man to be. He has chosen to become a crooked person, and a ruthless man. In the
end we see the tragic fall of the main character in the novel. 

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