Dual Hynes, 2015). Some multiple relationships can

Dual or multiple relationships are when the councillor takes on two or more roles, either simultaneously or sequentially, with a client (Corey, 2009). These roles can be either sexual or non-sexual, where the councillor may require to assume more than one professional role, for example teacher and councillor, or combine professional and non-professional roles together.

The process of being a counsellor is relationship based, and so how councillors choose to conduct themselves in these relationships, determines whether it can have significant ethical implications (Barnett & Hynes, 2015). Some multiple relationships can be clearly exploitive and can do some serious harm to both the councillor and the client. For some, becoming emotionally or sexually involved with a current client can be seen as unethical, unprofessional and illegal (Corey, 2009).

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On the other hand, some relationships are not always problematic and can be beneficial to clients, as long as they are implemented thoughtfully with integrity (Lazarus & Zur, 2002; Zur, 2007). Such beneficial interactions include attending formal ceremonies, purchasing a service or product provided by a client or hospital visits to a family member (ACA Code of Ethics, 2005).

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