Dru was found near her home apartment complex

Dru Lewis Mr. CrannyCRJ 115-0015 April 2018 Malakia LoganOn May 15, 1988, 8 Year old, Malakia Logan (Kia) of Greenwood SC was at the park with her sister playing basketball. Kia was tired and ready to go home.

Kia left her sister in the park and rode her bike home alone. Kia did not make it home, she then was missing. Kia bike was found near her home apartment complex office.Whitness say there was a white male who drove a blue Monte Carlo but no one never saw him with Kia he had no contact with Kia.

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The male goes by Charles Wade Hampton. Charles was charged with murder but due to lack of evidence, the charges were dropped and now this mystery remains unsolved. A deer hunter found Kia skull. Her skull was not identified until 1998.

The death of Ms. Logan violated the South Carolina Code 16-3-20, Murder and also, South Carolina Code 16-3-910, Abduction. The elements of crime were murder, Unlawful, killing, of a human, by another human and with malice aforethought and abduction, unlawful taking of the victim and a nefarious motive like obtaining a ransom. The unsolved crime violated each element because Malakia Logan bike was found but not her remains until ten years later. The South Carolina penalty for murder is minimum term of imprisonment for thirty years to life or more.

. The South Carolina penalty for abduction is more than a year in prison.Muder and Abduction is both felony charges.Referencehttp://unsolvedmysteries.wikia.com/wiki/Malakia_Logan


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