Driving Growing up just a walking distance away

Driving with the windows down along Farrington Hwy at any time of the day you can hear the soothing serene call of the ocean. As the waves crash upon the glistening shoreline your nostrils will detect the salty mist mixing with the crisp breeze off of the sea. Traveling westbound, one beach in particular that will stand out from the rest and make you want to pull over to bask in it’s effortless beauty is Nanakuli Beach Park. Growing up just a walking distance away I spent most of my leisure time here.In the first place, whether it was playing little league baseball on the lush green field throughout my childhood, the numerous family summer camping trips that lasted weeks upon weeks, last days of school, graduation parties, celebrations of life, days off from work, all the way to just running away from my worries and troubles this beach played a huge role in developing my individualistic character. I spend most of my mornings here to prepare myself for the long tiresome day ahead. This being no different today, Thursday, September 20, 2018; the day I am writing this essay.

As I approach the entrance I am greeted warmly by the radiant sunlight who peaked it’s way above the horizon. The blazing light pierces through my cold skin and gives me an immediate boost of excitement. As I continued my quest into this subtle nature-built haven; along the smoothly paved sidewalk, the sun worked his way up to the sky, distributing its powerful gleaming rays to everything at its sight. Myna birds were singing into my ear with gleeful cheers, roaming all around the vast sky attempting to claim it for itself. The sky shed its color from dark hazy indigo to a bright shimmering blue sky.

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Taking in all this beauty, I felt a sense of nostalgia as I rustled back and forth through the collected memories in brain. Translucent clumps of clouds that covered the sky before slowly fainted away into thin air, the pristine clear waves glimmered like diamonds, and the icy waters began to heat up. The waves were singing me a mellifluous lullaby, making me reminisce my childhood and drawing me closer into them. They were inviting me in, with their everlasting arms wide opened. Putting my best foot forward the sand was a minefield of corals, with a collection of many different multi colored sea shells; however at the same time, the sand was a bed of blankets. The way the sand flowed onto my feet and out to the spaces between my toes made my heart somehow pound like a synchronized drum beat in a marching band. It was as delicate as a new born baby; the grains were so fine that it could not possibly be visible by the human eye.


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