Drivers new physical device or a peripheral

Drivers (small piece of software) are very useful programs which aid the operating system to reach out to the physical devices and tell the physical components / peripherals of the computer system how to operate, work or perform. The physical / hardware components include various devices / peripherals like sound card, DVD player, video card, graphics card etc. Basically these drivers properly control, communicate and maintain a device and every computer device should have drivers of its own to work properly, efficiently and fast. Many drivers come with the windows operating system (preinstalled) others have to be manually installed according to the requirement.
When a new physical device or a peripheral device is connected to the computer system at that moment when it detects the device, you come to know whether the driver is installed on your device or it is not.
Some drivers in personal computer needs to be updated to a latest version of them, so that the performance can be improved. In order to do that we need to update our drivers locally from the windows 7 or download a third party software to scan for the drivers and update them automatically.
We can update our basic drivers by:
• Clicking on the Start Button on the screen.
• Then you have to look for the Device Manager into the computer by searching it or going to control panel, select the device manager to open the device manager.
• Now you will see various groups, you have to open / expand a group to know what device it is.
• After that you right click on the device and select Update Driver. For example if you have to update graphic card then open / expand Sound Adaptors etc.
• In the next step you will options, select the option “Search automatically for updated driver SW”.
• The drivers will now be updated / installed successfully.
• If the drivers are not detected locally then they can be searched on google and download them to install the desired drivers.
This is the easiest way to install or update drivers in windows 7.


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