Driverless always think it’s a bad idea. Although

Driverless cars will be one of the best inventions in the world, it can change the future. Many people had died in car crashes every day because of human error. When self-driving cars are bought up to people’s mind, they always think it’s a bad idea. Although they never see the bright side of the invention, it is the eco-friendly car, more efficient and a safer option to any citizen.Who doesn’t want a car that saves the environment? Pollution is one the biggest threat to earth right now, and gasoline cars are one of the causes. Electric cars, on the other hand, are saving the earth because it is eco-friendly.

Some electric car companies are using recycled materials for their cars such as BMW i3, who used eucalyptus wood to make their dashboards. According to The Huffington Post, the average Americans spends over two thousand dollars on gas each year. That’s a ton of money to waste, especially when you are polluting the world too. Health benefits can come and play a minor role in this because smelling gasoline can cause bad things to happen in your lungs and have carbon monoxide poisoning. Some electric cars companies offer home charging for their customers, where they can charge their cars in the garage overnight and it’s for free! However, setting up the home charging stations may be expansive and some people may forget to charge it before they go to sleep, so this is why Tesla is working on self-charging, so you do not have to do it by yourself. Many people such as myself, always look for a quiet car, since I don’t want to disrupt the community.

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That is what an electric car will do. Not only it is quiet, the driving experience will be better because the feeling will be smooth when you are on the road. This will make other other gasoline cars seems old, loud and bumpy.Traffic sucks! You don’t like it, I don’t like it and nobody likes it. Traffic is mostly caused by people cutting other each off while changing lanes and going too slow on the freeway.

According to Fox, fifthly three percent of worker had admitted to being late due to the cause of horrible traffic. One solution to this problem is autonomous cars. Autonomous cars can detect their surrounding when they are driving and will able to change lanes safely without making other drivers angry. Driverless cars will drive the proper speed limit, in order to speed things up and avoid traffic.

If you are still in traffic or even driving on the highway, you can get some work done, read a book or socialize with your passenger because you won’t need to keep your eyes on the road the whole time. According to a recent study, the average American spends at least a hundred and one minutes per day driving, that means that they spend about 37,935 hours driving a car in their lifetime. Preventing traffic is not the only thing driverless cars can do, autonomous car are able to park for you as well. Instead of just driving around in circles waiting for a parking lot, the car can drop you off at your destination and will park for you. Then when you are done, just call the car back and it will come back to pick you up.

However, Google is just experimenting with self-parking. Safety driving is very important. Many people died in car accidents every day. About 1.3 million people died in road crashes every year, this an average of 3287 deaths a day according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT).

According to the Atlantic, self-driving cars can reduce traffic accidents up to ninety percent by midcentury. Technology is around us everywhere, whether it on your phone, computer, tablets and etc. But these technologies can distract you, even when you’re driving. This is very dangerous because your eyes aren’t on the road and might hit a pedestrian or a car. Places had tried to stop texting and driving, like giving out fines or even banning it, but self-driving cars can solve the problem because you can check your phone, while the vehicle is driving.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Drunk driving accidents will also be reduced. You don’t need a designated driver to drive you home because the car will be your designated driver.

Did you know that 10,265 people died because of drunk driving in 2015? Autonomous cars will be better for people with physical disability or elderly people because they won’t have to struggle to get on a public transport, rely on others and don’t need to worry about driving. Google has asked a blind person to test their self-driving car and Texas A;M University is developing an autonomous shuttle for people with disability. Driverless cars are safe for the environment, less time consuming and will protect you and other people. People who want to protect the earth, get some work done or save a life should get an autonomous car. I know the cost of owning a driverless car may be expansive and that is why people cannot afford it or they might say your spending money on useless things. But is useless if it can save your life? So, the next time you are in a car driving, you could one of the 3287 deaths.


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