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Dream Catchers are not a normal thing in this culture in the United States, and people don’t understand what the reason is for them. These dream catchers are everything and are originated by the Native American tribe. Many other tribes adopted this tradition but it was coming back to the Ojibwe tribe. These dream catchers are handmade, they are made with willow woven and turn it into a web, they can also use feathers, arrowheads and many other objects. The tribe considers this as a form of armor and protection, they are also able to put gem stones in the web that can be considered as life for them. People in our world make dreamcatchers with cheaper materials and sometimes over size.

The Ojibwe people make these with materials around them. They are made in a round shape that represents physical shape of the earth and can absorb bad dreams at night and releases them during the day. putting the feathers are allowing good dreams to descend on an infant or adult who is sleeping.

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When saying dream catcher, the Ojibwe calls it a “asabikeshiinh” which means spider.There are many different types of dream catchers, the indigenous people can see a difference between their dream catchers and they take offense because to them it’s a violation of their culture, beliefs and their traditions. When seeing dreamcatchers in my opinion are beautiful and knowing the women in the tribe took so much time to keep their children and friends safe, they made so many of them. I didn’t realize they caught bad dreams and they go down the feathers on the catchers and turn into good dreams for them. During nighttime they trap the bad dreams and when the sun hits the dream catcher the bad dreams are ejected from the web because it can’t survive the light. Dreamcatchers are beautiful to look at but people need to know the reason on why they were made. If people don’t it just offends the culture of the Ojibwe people.


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