DRAYTON term plan from which business objectives are

DRAYTON MANOR PARK (report)”Our Mission Statement: ”TO CREATE FUN FAMILY MEMORIES.”To deliver an outstanding programme of education for all our visiting school groups and zoo guests, which promotes enjoyment, achievement and active learning.406908062166500For your peace of mind, we’ve also been awarded the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality BADGE, so you can be rest assured that you are getting an excellent workshop and visit through the education department.

”https://www.draytonmanor.co.uk-opened easter 1950-Founded and owned by the bryan family-private limited company-over 500 staff yearly-294 acre site;65 acres for rides, 15 acres for zoo-development and greenbelt-central location to all of ukAims and objectivesAims and objectives Most organizations have general or overall aims which they can break down into specific objectives, or targets.

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An aim is about what you hope to do, its goals. It is a statement of purpose, for example we want to grow the business into Europe. It’s what you want to know. It is the point of doing the research. Aim- a long term plan from which business objectives are derived.Objectives give the business a clearly defined target.

Plans can then be made to achieve these targets. This can motivate the employees. Objectives could help the company to growth and achieve their aims.Objectives targets for achieving aims.

A mission statement sets out the business vision and values that enables employees, customers, managers and even suppliers to understand the actions of the business.A qualitative statement of the business’s aims.S – Specific; M – measurable; A- achievable; R – realistic; T – timely.This definition will help the business to be successful, to growth and in your personal life. SMART GoalsSpecific-Well defined-Clear to anyone and easier for employee to achieve the target/objectiveEverybody in the business knows what they need to achieve.Measurable-Find out when you have achieved your goal and objectives.-Know if the goal is obtainable and how far away completion is.

Agreed Upon-Agreement with all the stakeholders what the goals should beRealistic-Within the availability of resources, time and knowledge.Time-Based-Enough time to achieve the goal and objectives/targets.-Not too much time, which can affect project performance.Reasons for setting these aims and objectives.By setting objectives and aims, company give themselves a sense of purpose and direction.

This provides a framework around which to create their plans.One major challenge is to communicate the plan clearly to everyone in a form that they can understand and put into practice.Everyone in the business will know what the business is about and what objectives they will need to achieve.

Setting goals can increase motivation for employee and make them to involve more to achieve the target.Provides focus for the employees because they will have work to do and they will not get bored.The business can measure its progress.It can give satisfaction to employees once the objectives has been involved, done or achieved.

Lets the customer know what the business is aiming for.It can motivate employees.What are SMART TARGETS-8001002762250Company wide SMART ObjectiveTo increase on the budgeted visitor numbers by 5% annuallyAIM for 1 million per year23317206794500-Media-New products/attractions-Staffing changes -Events-BREXIT-UE economyCustomer types and characteristicsThey focus on the Family market:-Young children-Teenagers-Parents-GrandparentsCharacteristics: Age, gender, location, socio-economic factors, lifestyle.Marketing Job Roles:Director of Sales ; MarketingHead of MarketingMarketing Officer x 23543300-84137500Digital Marketing Officer Graphic Design and Brand ManagerSenior Graphic DesignerGraphic DesignerAdvantages and Disadvantages of setting clear objectives/goals- Clear Plans this could be an advantage because: Goals help people develop clear plans for what they want to achieve and how they will complete those targets. Without targets/goals, a person has no clear plan to achieve their targets and they will get confused.-Specific Priorities this could be an advantage because:Some people have difficulty completing tasks because they do not know their priorities. Without setting clear goals, people spend time on things that distract them from achievement their objectives/targets.

Depending on the person, directions could include watching television, surfing the Web or playing computer/phone games. Creating clear plans of actions forces people to determinate their priorities and limit distractions.Setting a specific objective is an advantage because all employees will know exactly what to do. This means they all work towards the same goals and have a clear focus to complete their objectives. However, if an objective is too detailed it would be a disadvantage because the business might forget about other objectives and they will just focus on one thing. Pressure this could be a disadvantage because:Stated goals create pressure, especially if someone else creates them.

Someone tasked with improving her work performance by 25% over the previous year might feel the pressure of having to meet an employer’s expectations. Even personal goals create additional pressure.Missed Opportunities this could be a disadvantage because:Goals focus your attention and effort on a single task.

For purposes of that task, they’re great, but that same focus means not giving attention and effort to other things. This can result in missed opportunities or flagging performance on tasks unrelated to the goal.Evaluation of failing to meet aims and objectives To achieve a Distinction, learners will need to evaluate the possible consequences of a business failing to meet its aims and objectives.

They could consider the implications of failing to achieve particular aims by a given time.Failure cost loses on many levels:- Financial: this is the direct loses of resources and operational expenses- Investment: like business partners, opportunities, market share, reputation and credibility. In 2014 Drayton Manor did not achieve their objective.What consequence did this have to the business:-Business can loses money-Promote-Customer lose trust-Employees demotivated-Need to set more realistic target to motivate them.-Advertise-Change suppliers-Jobs could be at risk because people lose trust for the company-Lower price to attract more customers-DiversifyFor example, if a customer was on a ride and it immediately broke down and it would cause a risk to the customer.All customers of Drayton Manor Park would want their information to be kept safe and private, so when they go and buy products on their credit card, they would expect their information to be kept safe and not given out.

There are many reasons why projects fail; the number of reasons can be found in the following list:Undefined objectives and goals: – Unrealistic time-frames and tasks, Insufficient resources, estimates for cost and schedule are erroneous, No change control process, Inadequate testing processes.Poorly managed: -Not working as a team work, Poor communication, Ignoring project warning signs.Sometimes customers might get ill on the rides or on the park and the staff must treat them carefully, if the small aged children get ill they will have to treat them in a different way to an old people, so they will have to have trained staff to do all this.Need respect for every customer even if the customer do not respect you.Success and failure are part of life.

You will never succeed throughout your life.Needs for people from different culture.All customers want to be treated well, so they want the staff to be good to them. They won’t want to be racially abused by staff just because they are of a different culture or country.Drayton Manor Park has many restaurants and different people from different people from different cultures have specific food or diet requirements such a vegetarian food, halal food, so the park should provide their customers with food that all people can eat it.The needs for people who cannot speak English, many people from around the world come to Drayton Manor Park, and they all may not know English, and they will find it hard to communicate, but they will need to be patient and talk nicely and clear to every customer.In conclusion, the needs for young children often find it hard to understand and respond to adults, so the park should provide friendly staff who knows how to treat young kids.

The staff were well trained to treat every customer nicely and friendly.The park should also provide simplified instructions around the park, so it is easier for kids to understand, instead of going around looking for staff and asking them. This also will save time for staffs. If there is a security alert in the park, the security should be aware to get all kids out of the park safely and to see that there are no children around the park when they shouldn’t be. Young kids often do not like to eat the same food adults do, so the park should provide the children with food that they most like to eat such as chips and burgers.


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