Dr fans divided, opening the show to

Dr Who: TV’s sci-fi phenomenon, the extraterrestrial from the planet of Gallifrey, devoted to saving humanity and planet Earth. The character has kept the show alive for a total of 54 years, now on its 13th casting as the celebrated Time Lord. However, of late, fanatics of the show have been at a somewhat disagreement in a recent turn of events as Broadchurch star, Jodie Whittaker, has been cast as the 1st ever female Doctor. This recent unveiling and plot twist, as the Doctor regenerated in the final episode of the season, has left its fans divided, opening the show to much speculation and criticism. But I ask you… What good show doesn’t cause a stir in its fanbase?! Something that intrigued myself in particular were certain people’s comments stating how there can’t be a female Doctor because it wouldn’t be ‘logical’, he was born a male, it wouldn’t make sense for him to regenerate into a female… Let me begin. *Clears throat.*
So a completely fictional character, in a world where the character is portrayed to thrive off of change. A character who – until 1966 – had always been played by William Hartnell. A character that then transitioned to Jon Pertwell in 1970. This newly founded 2nd Time Lord completely obliterating the previous conformation of the Doctor as a non-violent individual; bringing into the role his influences drawn from Karate. A character who had typically been cast as males over the age of 40, until in 1981, the show made the controversial choice of Peter Davison, a 29 year old man. A character who – until 1987 – had been conventionally an English male, only to have this stereotype brushed aside with the individualism of Sylvester McCoy’s Scottish accent. And so on and so forth… Until we reach the bespoke Jodie Whittaker. A woman (yes, a woman!) who has been given an opportunity. An opportunity to make this diverse character her own. To create an individual that both young males AND young females can look up to.
So this character, some may argue, can’t be played by a female? A character that is built on the foundation of change; where the incorporation of change in the characters history has kept the show alive for such an extensive period of time. A character from a fantasy world – with a screwdriver as a weapon and a telephone box as a vehicle – in a show that obliterates many notions of realism. A character with an explicitly asexual name with asexual characteristics and attributes and relationships. A character that has had this modification of gender toyed with formerly. This character can’t be a female? I disagree. This character is the perfect role to create this diverse shift of particularly assigned genders in television, identifying gender fluidity within the ‘superhero’ role of a character. I think a female Doctor is PRECISELY the ‘logical’ step forward. To quote the Doctor them self:
“The universe is big. It’s vast and complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles.”
I say good luck to you Dr Jodie, and have fun!


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