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You would have thought I was a reporter attending the service of a notable head of state or something. Sat in the back of the church with a notepad and one of my text books so I could cross reference what was going on. When I arrived at the service did introduce myself to the Funeral Home staff and asked could I speak with Father Bribes. Father Bribes was very respectable and understanding of my project and my desire to become a Funeral Director.

He was able to answer a my questions and told me that although had the book, the best way of learning the Catholic Mass was to experience it for yourself.According to Rush, “of all the Christian religions in the world, the Catholic church is the largest, claiming approximately one billion members worldwide”. Father Bribes told me that the Pope is the head of the Catholic Church and is the Bishop of Rome. He is considered the Monsignor or Priest. A Monsignor is “a Roman Catholic prelate having a dignity or titular distinction (as of domestic prelate or preparatory apostolic) usually conferred by the pope”, Merriam-Webster. Father Bribes stated that he Church believes that all Catholics who have been baptized should be buried from the Church with a Mass.This is considered Rites of Passage.

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Although had many questions for Father Bribes, I did respect his time and left to go sit in the back so that he could prepare for the Mass. When the family arrived at the church, two members of the funeral home staff stood at one end of the casket, and the funeral director went to escort the family in sanctuary. During the Wake there was a Rosary Service. The Rosary Service was to provide the community the opportunity to share with the family a rise of prayers. It was lead by a layperson that is considered the parish’s local funeral coordinator.

She led different scripture readings that reflected on life and death, and a hymn. At the conclusion of the Wake, the funeral home staff removed all the floral arrangements from the sanctuary and put them a vehicle outside. The family was taken to the casket for a final viewing. Although it was a somber time, I could tell that they were rejoicing that Mr.

. Gray was no longer suffering from sickness. After the family was seated the asset was closed and a crucifix was placed on the head of the casket.A crucifix is “a cross with a figure or image representing the body of Christ on it”, (Clicker p.

38). The casket was moved into the vestibule (entryway) Of the church. Father Bribes along with the crucifix and two’0 altar attendants was in the vestibule dressed in his ceremonial robe. Father Bribes asked that everyone stand for the procession.

Light music was playing while he blessed the casket with Holy Water and reading scripture. One of the altar attendants carried the Holy Water while the other one carried the Bible. A pall was placed on the casket.Rush states that “a pall is a white cloth placed on the casket of the deceased; and the purpose of the pall is to represent equality. ” The processional began down the aisle of the church being led by the crucifix, followed by the altar attendants and Father Bribes. Since Mr.. Gray was a layperson, his casket was placed with his feet toward the altar.

Father opened with the opening hymn, How to Reach the Masses and the opening prayer. He then began reading several different bible verses, most of which came from Psalms and the Gospels.Father Bribes gave a very moving homily. During the Mass, I did notice that there was no Eulogy given. Now I’ve been to so many funerals this was a shocker to me. I asked Father Bribes afterwards about this and he explained that the Church usually doesn’t permit for eulogies during the funeral mass and that the homilies should dwell on the teachings of Jesus, his love and compassion for everyone. After completing the homily, there Was a musical selection by a family friend.

The service then Went On to the Communion. The family and others came up to take the sacrament.Following the sacrament, the congregation kneeled down on the benches in front of us to recite The Lord’s Prayer. There were family acknowledgements and reflections that followed. Father Bribes came down to give the Final Commendation, and blessed the casket again with Holy Water and incense. The funeral home staff then came to the front of the church for the recessional. A staff member stood at each end of the casket.

The casket was turned back around and the recessional began with the crucifix, followed by he altar attendants, Father Bribes, the casket bearers, the casket, and the family.In the vestibule, the white pall was removed from the casket and folded and the head layperson took it away and Father Bribes made the sign of the cross with his hands. Luckily the cemetery was on the same grounds as the church so we didn’t have to go far. Father Bribes led the casket and the family was seated near the casket which was placed on the lowering device. At the cemetery, the head layperson led us in reading a Psalm, and a prayer reflecting the life of Mr.

. Gray. Father Bribes committed Mr..

Gray to his final resting place.

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