DONE Violent Behavior Among Prisoners essay

Violent behavior between inmates and staff Strategies for responding to violent behavior How violent behavior affects incarceration length Violence in American prisons come of no surprise to anyone.We place a large population of people who have committed the worst of crimes imaginable wit hind the confinement of concrete slabs stacked on top of one another, fitted with iron bars big neon h for a view of your neighbor but small enough that you’re unable to stick your head through h, surrounded by feelings of hatred, remorse, depression, alpha male complex, then add onto t his, a taste of gangs, drugs, and weapons hidden in the most obscure places.I think we’ve made a recipe for violence. Now why do these things continue to happen when we have thousand ends of paid security officers managing, securing, and controlling their every move? Why is it we spend millions of dollars on state and federal prison systems, only to find that things just won’t change? That’s because the climate within these cold walls requires give and take relate unships.

Prisoner violence is mostly conceived from a debt owed and not paid, through retaliate on from one group to another, even territory they attempt to claim. Prison staff have responsibility sis not just limited in upholding the law, or SOP’s (standard operating procedures) doctrines with in that specific correctional facility but fostering an environment where all of the worst people e in the nation can survive and attempt to carry out their punishment in peace. This is where the give and take relationship plays out.

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