DONE Components Of The Criminal Justice System essay

Courts conduct fair trials, protect the rights of all people, issue sentence, and will conduct a check on the exercise of power to other justice agencies. The last is the correct action system.

Corrections carry out the sentence set forth by the courts. Provides a safe plan CE for the convicted to serve their time while placing effort into the rehabilitation of thee r populous. The criminal justice process consists of an investigation and arrest, pretrial AC divinities, trial, sentencing, and lastly, corrections. Investigation and arrest is when vide once is collected ND a recreation of what happened is developed.Warrant and booking are two o steps done after the investigation.

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A warrant is issued by the court and provides protection to t he LEO as he/she conducts their duties to arrest the known criminal or multiple criminals. Book Eng is the last step before entering a systems correctional facility. During the booking process info orientation is collected to identify the person detained, where the incident occurred, the Tim e of the crime, and the arresting authority. The next component in the criminal justice process AR e pretrial activity’s. There are four major events that take place during this time.They are first AP pear once, a preliminary hearing, information or indictment, and arraignment. The first AP appearance happens within 48 hours of his or her arrest. At this time the suspect will be brought b fore a judge where they will advise them of their official charges from the arrest, give them their r sights and provide them with the opportunity Of bail if found fitting.

It is then moved on to the pr eliminate hearing where a decision is made on whether there is enough significant evidence to continue forward tit the judicial process.Information or indictment is an additional and option anal procedure that a prosecutor can seek to continue a case based on accusations found during the e preliminary hearing. It is moved through a grand jury in some states and the evidence is r viewed and a decision is made on if the case should be moved to trial or not. An arraignment NT is the last step prior to trial. This is when the accused stand before the judge and is given a of roam reading of their crime in question.

They are given their rights and the option to provide t he court a plea of to guilty, guilty, or no contest.Once this step is complete the case moves on to trial. Trial involves the examination Of all issues at hand and laws are discussed through the process to determine if the suspect should be convicted or acquitted. Sentencing now TA ekes place if the offender is found guilty. The judge at this time will issue a fine for their action s, placed on probation or incarcerated.

Those found to be guilty of multiple charges are WI II serve consecutive or conch rent sentences. Consecutive is one sentence served after r another. Concurrent is all sentences served at the same time.Corrections stage begins once a sentence has been issued by the court. This is when they are moved to confinement or treatment facility. Not every person is sentenced to prison.

Some have their sentences suspended and are placed on probation. Others who have already served time could be freed based on parole. The government over seas and develops the heart and soul of the criminal jus twice system. Its what forms laws, refines laws found to be unfit or unconstitutional , both through use and examination while providing and maintaining funding for their programs.

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