Dominant region for camping or for outing (Davidson).

Dominant Industries: Agriculture:Agribusiness is a vital piece of the economy and history of the district. From little scale family cultivates providing the dynamic rancher’s business sectors to industry driving communities like BC Tree Foods grown from the ground like Sun-Rype Items, the farming business is various and mechanically progressed. (Industries).Tourism:The Okanagan keeps on being a best goal as guests from crosswise over Canada and around the globe run to the region’s lakes, valleys, vineyards, plantations and mountains after sendless amount of time.

In 2016, the tourism segment created 8,350 employments and a general direct financial effect of $810 million in Kelowna alone, as indicated by Tourism Kelowna. (Industries).Current Issues:• Forest fires: There is an increase number of forest fires due to dry and hot weather in the Okanagan region. This issue has led to many consequences and effects to the environment and the people living nearby the forest fires.

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So due to this issue, the government has banned the burning of the fires by the people who come in that region for camping or for outing (Davidson).• Erosion of the foreshore of Okanagan lakes: A study of the whole shoreline of Okanagan Lake has uncovered the progressing ecological effects of development. Between 2011 and 2016, a further 4.1 kilometers speaking to 1.

42 for every penny of the characteristic shoreline has been for all time altered. The changes incorporate vegetation evacuation, 164 new docks and nine extra marinas (Gaffney).These are the above issues in the Okanagan region but I would like to do my research on the issue related to forest fires that has currently happened in the Okanagan region.


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