Does Money Impact Our Lives essay

Sending your kids to private schools? No it’s not that because anyone can do that no matter what your financial status if you now how to do it right. Less the amount of money you have sitting in your bank accounts, it’s about the kind of job you or your parents have, it’s about the way you act and your social circle of friends.

Although money makes the world turn, is it a good thing to have money and be in that upper class Of people?From personal experiences, I don’t think its all that good at all to have that status and the money pouring from everywhere round you, because it wraps you in cotton wool so to speak. You don’t know what the real world is like and real life problems are. Understand there are those one in a million kinds of upper class people that do their best to use their money to help and better the world but one person can only get so far.Yes its all about the choices you make as a adolescent and young adult that get you into the upper class if you come from middle class or lower class, but how about the people that come from upper class, all the offspring are the ones as I said earlier “wrapped in cotton wool” a lot of them don’t understand the value of money and are so ungrateful, and don’t have many true friend because if they onto get their way they end up in a bad mood and no one wants a friend like that, I know I don’t.What’s the point in having friends if they re not real? Many people in an upper class lifestyle have this issue of no true friends that generally like them for who they are. Yet they all know this, but they stick together because of the social status and they don’t want to be “looked down” upon by fraternities with people that belong in other classes, its rather disgusting and diminishing that they can do that were all human beings for Pet’s sake. Exactly were all human beings so why are we separated into these classes?Why do we have countries like Africa with children and people dying every day because they can feed themselves or have water? Why do we need all these charities for people that are homeless and struggling when there is plenty of money to go around, but people just don’t want to share.

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