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Does Beowulf have what it takes to be a true epic hero? The most heroic man of the Anglo-Saxon time is said to be Beowulf. This man is selfless, caring and is determined to be successful in helping others.

Epic heroes possess certain heroic characteristics and in this epic poem Beowulf possesses the following: loyalty, bravery, and superhuman strength.Beowulf showed that he had superhuman strength by ripping off Grendel’s arm with his bare hands. Grendel was surprised by how strong Beowulf’s hands were, and his first thought was to run. After Beowulf tore Grendel limb from limb, he single handedly tossed Grendel’s head which took four men to carry.He also has a very brave mindset and performs brave deeds.

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He died defeating the dragon after his men left him. In the battle with Grendel’s mother, Beowulf leaped into the lake without anyone’s answer showing his bravery.


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