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Giving a child a little independence is a way of building self confidence and a way for them to see that’s it is k if they sometimes make mistakes, by doing this they can see that every decision has an outcome whether it be bad or good and that there may e repercussions/ consequences for their decisions. Looking at children as they talk is a way of valuing them. It shows that you are interested in what they are trying to say. The way we speak can show children whether we like them or not.Bored tones do not make children feel valued. Building self confidence in children is one of the most important life skills you can give them, self awareness begins at a very early age and the earlier you can help them believe that they are important and special the better. Although there are many different ways you can make a child feel valued, very few of them requires a lot of effort from the adult.

Playing with young children is another way of valuing them, It is important to let the child decide what and how they want to play.If adults plan activities for a child it shows that an adult has thought about them. It might mean putting out a favorite toy, going out to the garden to look for bugs if that is what there are interested in. Praise the child when a job or task is done well, rather than just saying “good job” try identifying specific details such as I’ you worked really hard at coloring that picture” this helps a child see that you are paying close attention to exactly what they have done correctly. 2 While it is important to care about every child it is important to respect each one individually.

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This means we work with them differently. If you do not respect a child as an individual the child may grow to be less independent than they should be and the child will not respect an adult in return. Children need to be treated with consideration and courtesy. Discourtesy and rudeness on the adults part is often the result of thoughtlessness .We do not think of children as having the same needs as adults and we do not realism the effect we have on them by what we say and how we say it. Adults should to lie, they should listen more and talk less, children should not be treated as things to be controlled and manipulated but rather as people to relate too. Reasons for children to be respected are: so children’s needs can be met children are more likely to be happy children are more likely to show positive behavior children are more likely to learn children are more likely to care about others. .

1 Children need adults to listen carefully to what they are saying, adults who listen well think hard about what children are trying to say. Adults should not interrupt all the time, no matter what a child shares with you take n interest in what they are saying an ask questions about the information they have just told. Listening does not mean watching television at the same time or being distracted when a child is trying to talk to you or telling the child to hurry up and say what they need to because you need to get on with something else.

Saying “Hello” to a child helps them to feel special because it means that we have noticed and recognized them. Having a conversation with them about special places you have been together shows the adult has remembered those special days and it makes the child feel valued. Sitting around the table at dinner time with all the family and just asking the child about how their day at school has been shows them that you are interested in them.Different ways we can communicate are: Body language and gestures – using hands, arms, face, eyes and body to get a message across Sign language – a language that is used by children and adults with hearing impairments Braille – a way of writing for people who are blind. 2.

2 The ways that adults work with children can show them respect. A good way to work is think about how you would like to be treated such as old you like to go to the toilet by yourself? Would you like a choice of what to do? Would you like a say in what is happening? Hess are the kind of things that matter to children too. Just a few behaviors that show respect are Fairness Being fair to a child is important, for instance if an adult asks one child to “hang up your coat’ when they come in and “take off your shoes” and the adult does not ask the same of another child then that’s being unfair and this could lead to the child being asked to do those things being resentful, being more challenging towards the adult and not complying with other things seed of them or worse still it could lead to situations of bullying the other child.By setting some rules that are relevant to both children then the adult can avoid such situations where the one child feels like they are always being picked on by the adult, and then the child can see that the same things are being asked of the other children at home and this would avoid the child feeling any disrespect towards them.

Respect To get respect you have to give it. Take political views for instance, what one person believes in another person may think is a load of rubbish.Just because one person believes in a certain u object doesn’t does not give another person a right to mock or criticism the other persons views this is being disrespectful. This is one of the more difficult things to do, is accept someone’s view on something when you yourself do not have the same views. Children will grow up to have their own views on something’s ones that may be different to another children’s, but seeing adults respecting other peoples views can have a positive reaction to theirs later on. Consistency If an adult says something is not acceptable such as shouting or hitting one day then this should be the same everyday.Being inconsistent leaves the hill not knowing the guidelines of behavior. Other ways of being consistent is to show a child an adults behavior towards them, for instance , if one day your having a good day and your being nice to a child and doing lots of things together, and another day you are a little stressed or have things on your mind and your not so attentive and shouting allot at the child this can lead to them being confused and unsettled and lead to them not knowing what acceptable boundaries are.

. 1 Children have many rights, they have the right to be treated well. There are many organizations that support children ‘s rights. NSP This is a British organization that tries to stop children from getting hurt by adults.

The NSP was founded in 1884 and their vision is to end cruelty to children in the I-J. They run a range of services for both children and adults and also work closely with local communities through services for both children and adults.Action for children Is a children’s charity who: works with over 300,00 children, young people, parents and careers Tackles issues such as child neglect and abuse supports most vulnerable, neglected children and young people throughout the UK They offer a range of services to: Children in care sizable children young people the services Include: adoption and fostering services family support services specialist schools Child Rights International Networks (CRIB) CRIB is a global children’s rights network-They work for rights and campaign for a change in how governments and societies view and treat children.

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