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Once I gathered my initial facts I would consult my counterparts at the Tsunami plant and, see if they could help me trouble shoot the issue. It is important that we not lose Sight of the fact that the plant is still adjusting to the T AS system, although it did well with the initial ramp up, the seat variations in the new Campy model and the additional responsibility of becoming the sole supplier of the Campy Wagon could prove to be a problem for a relatively new plant.Once I was done gather my facts I would take a two pronged approach, first I would go to all of my team leaders and share with them my findings to see if what they are experiencing on the line backs up my information, secondly I would institute the 5 whys and try to determine a root cause to the issue. What options exist? What would you recommend? Why? Many options exist but, it is important that we pin point the issue and deal with it Nina manner that does not affect line utilization.First must recognize that our current method for fixing the problem is not working, it is a direct deviation from Kodak and, a plant that is still relatively young like the Georgetown plant must strictly adhere to the TOPS.

It is critical that TM stick tit the proven method that is TOPS especially considering the added challenges they are facing with the new model introduction and, the responsibility of becoming the sole supplier of the Campy Wagon. Awaken must be reinforced to the plant employees; we must regroup and get back to basics.Secondly I would hold a meeting with SF and, reinforce the need for them to follow lean principles in their seat manufacturing process. The defective seats being sent to the plant are causing non value added work and, are disrupting the value stream and continuous manufacturing flow on our nines.

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Where if at all does the current routine for handling defective seats deviate from the principles of the Toyota Production System? Currently a defective seat is allowed to continue on through the assembly line and, once the car is completed it is sent to clinic 1 for inspection.If it is unable to be fixed at clinic 1 it is then sent to the overflow lot and a new seat is ordered to replace the defective one. There are two issues here, one allowing a defective seat to continue through the line goes against the principle of Kodak and, secondly allowing this to happen opens the plant up to the seven waste categories that Awaken is designed to eliminate. By not fixing the problem at its root and, allowing it to go through the line you are creating non value added work at clinic inspection 1 and in the overflow lot.Awaken principles need to be instituted to fix this problem and eliminate the waste it is creating.

What is the real problem facing Doug Fries? The real problem is that his plant has deviated from the TOPS model and, he not only is unsure how to deal with it but, is not even totally sure that the way hey are handling the issue with the defective seats is the problem. They took too long to realize that they had an issue and, once they did they did not follow protocol of establishing the root cause of the problem through the 5 whys method.In the short term Doug needs to Awaken his off-line routine, cars that are sent to the overflow lot are supposed to be repaired that same shift or the shift immediately following and that is not happening. If he can awaken the usage of clinic 1 and, the overflow lot and reduce the amount of time cars are in each holding area then he will have a workable short term elution, as it stands now the process currently in place is creating too much non value added work and waste.Once this has been done he needs to work with SF to reduce the amount of defective seats that are being sent to the plant and, work with his group/team leaders to bolster the line and reduce inefficiency in the seat instillation. The root cause of these problems can be traced to the lack of experience Doug and the rest of the plant have with TOPS but, they must to a better job of handling problems real time and not so far after the fact that they become serious enough to jeopardize line production.

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