Do of Rights for Animals.Although some people believe

Do you think animals needs a bill or right ? Abuse of Innocent , Is it right to force animals in a cage to be tested on?How would you feel if you were treated as those animals?. There are many ways that Animals are being mistreated like being brutally abused, treated unfairly, neglected or have experiments conducted on them. Pain and suffering of Animals for Humans doesn’t sound right, So that’s why I agree with the idea of creating a Bill of Rights for Animals.Although some people believe Animals don’t need a bill of rights, that does not mean that us humans have the Privilege to treat animals badly.By approving the Bill of Rights for Animals , it would more likely to save Animal lives.With the bill of rights for the Animals that means they are accepting Animal rights doctrines which means there would be no experiments being tested on them.I agree with Rifkins, that animals and humans are the same.Animals have feelings, experience stress, pain, excitement and even love just like humans.The Animal Bill of rights is meant to protect animals, and with this solution we could limit the number of animals thats being killed and abused in a year.


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